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    Eh its whatever, I am only 5 warns away from perma and don't really care that much. Just gotta know how to get away with shit
  2. Could just give it all to me and forget this shit.
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E83rvT0kEyM This is the main video used as far as I know. I was told that 59 sec wen I respawn looks like cheats but Kilobyte has proven to me that the spectate function is buggy and does that when you spectate someone when they repsawn. Heres a video of the first person view which is not even first person https://gyazo.com/703bc0d56f5e9e53ae6909e74bef509d I was told this is an instant give away of cheats, I'm not sure how the spectate works but to me this looks like spectate being buggy again. If someone could prove that for me it would be great.
  4. Yeah its kinda retarded CP are OP and if you're raiding the pd its super easy for them just to arrest you because its a small area and they have a shit tone of armor especially the juggernaut. I know this isn't serious rp but cmon if someone is shooting at a cop in real life the cop is going to shoot back not arrest them with a magic stick that teleports them to a jail. I understand they still need to use the auto want but in such a small area with armor its not that hard especially if the cp are fast at swithing weapons. It also just doesn't make sense like i said before if the cop is getting shot at he would shoot back. No one likes to be arrested. All im trying to say is that combat arresting is super anoying and makes no sense. It needs to stop That is very true
  5. the other day this billcat guy RDMed me twice and tried to kill me again sadly i have no proof but this guy is a high class minge
  6. Noiz (2)

    Bruh WTF Neko

    Your Steam Name: Deeuhn Your ingame name: Noiz (at the time it was RoadToBan) Your Steam Profile/SteamID: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Deeuhn/ Why were you banned? I asked for it,.. Why should you be unbanned? I didn't mean a perma ban. Fuck neko cmon man Evidence: nah dawg I aint that smart
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