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  1. Dilfs

    Gang CC

    Steam ID: 76561197961007624 Gang: Bums Thank you!
  2. Dilfs


    Hello Chance, nice to meet you!
  3. I'm going to accept this, I'll unban you and give you a warning for RDM x2 Accepted.
  4. Yeah, the MRDM is a mistake on my part, since he disconnected soon as I brought him into the sit.
  5. Player Mcminion (Minion) (STEAM_0:1:84454223) attacked leifi5070(STEAM_0:1:565336997) (Minion) with weapon_crowbar for 10 <17-04-2021 / 03:22:55> Mcminion did attack him first. After that happened he then started attacking others Player leifi5070 (Minion) (STEAM_0:1:565336997) attacked tuskmoon sups.gg(STEAM_0:0:517156983) (Minion) with weapon_crowbar for 10 <17-04-2021 / 03:25:00> Player leifi5070 (Minion) (STEAM_0:1:565336997) attacked tuskmoon sups.gg(STEAM_0:0:517156983) (Minion) with weapon_crowbar for 10 <17-04-2021 / 03:24:59> Player leifi5070 (Minion) (STEAM
  6. The thing is, the other minions didn't even damage you. That is just straight up RDM.
  7. Alrighty, firstly going over the export logs, I see you killed... Player leifi5070 (Minion) (STEAM_0:1:565336997) killed AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhh (Minion) (STEAM_0:1:526610095) with weapon weapon_crowbar <17-04-2021 / 03:24:58> Player leifi5070 (Minion) (STEAM_0:1:565336997) killed Mcminion (Minion) (STEAM_0:1:84454223) with weapon keys <17-04-2021 / 03:24:56> Player leifi5070 (Minion) (STEAM_0:1:565336997) killed Blood Moon (Minion) (STEAM_0:0:465719771) with weapon keys <17-04-2021 / 03:24:43> I don't recall who made the original sit, I think it wa
  8. Dilfs

    ban appeal

    I can add to this, I was in sitland at the time, dealing with someone. After I returned them, I was watching over the sit, and the player was very disrespectful towards b3nz and the player involved. -1
  9. I personally don't see any issues with this. As long as it doesn't effect actual RP/players in a serious way, why not have a little fun!
  10. I can get behind this, maybe make it so the train can't be inventoried obviously. It would make it a little easier too, since when you fish half the time the actual items just fall and end up in the water.
  11. I would like to enter, well because I only have 4 mil and poor D: Good luck everyone <3
  12. Dilfs

    TahxaGen Report

    Understandable, I would like to get confirmation on some of the position logs, because Tahxgen, claimed I RDMed him, but from our screenshot you can see where I initially shot him the first time which was right next to the base we were raiding. We also have the position logs of RumblyKibles when he first got shot too, which was also in near the base, why did I get warned for RDM and Prove get warned for ARDM, it doesn't really make sense to us. It feels like everything he said to us was a lie so he wouldn't get himself in trouble, You can see in the video where he shows Kibles was standing but
  13. Dilfs

    TahxaGen Report

    Sadly I do not have really any evidence of him stripping me. The closest screenshot of that I have is this https://prnt.sc/10jv7oy. I asked him multiples times why he stripped me and if I can get my items back, he tells me to just "Just kill bind". When Prove wakes up I can see if he has anymore of the clips and such.
  14. Dilfs

    TahxaGen Report

    Okay! Is it okay if Prove posts it on here or do I have to post it myself?
  15. Dilfs

    TahxaGen Report

    Do you want the entire 20 minutes of the sit or a snippet from Prove? I don't have any recorded evidence from my POV itself.
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