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  1. Hey Luna! Reading over what happened, I feel that you eventually reach a certain amount of warns and you did. I think that the warn was fine and the ban was expected when you hit 25. Wait out the two weeks and you'll be back. -1 for warn removal
  2. Okay looking at the video, it really looked like you have ESP to me. Also as Wanted stated, you don't just have 1 VAC ban on record, but multiple, so the chances that you were actually using ESP (or some other form of scripts) is pretty high. Also just to point this out, those screenshots do absolutely nothing to be frank. I'm going to have to be -1 from my point of view. It looks like ESP to me. Edit - Reading over what you said, you make some good points. It was pretty difficult to determine what was going on because of the lack of noise and the fact that there is a lot to go off of (in the context of the RDM zone in game). For now I'm going to change to neutral until I have some other opinions to go off of.
  3. Isaaac

    naaVy request

    You understand we have kids on our server right? I feel like a lot of the time when posting something you ignore the fact that we have teenagers and below on our server and I interact with them, along with the rest of the server. Your appeal is extremely undercut and I don't see very much remorse for what you did given the age group on the server. That link that you posted is NASTY. I don't feel you've spent enough time away. -1
  4. Isaaac

    Ban Appeal

    I think time away from this server would do good to see how you can grow and mature. Personally, I don’t think you deserve to come back to the server soon because all your doing is taking away the fun that other people have for your own enjoyment, nobody likes that. In the case that you don’t grow away from at least saying these things to people in our server, this permanent ban can stay permanent. -1
  5. After looking at what should be your gametracker, you haven't been on since April of this year? I don't know if you are thinking of the right server or not, so I would recommend checking your other servers in the history tab in GMod and see if you are thinking of a different DarkRP server. https://www.gametracker.com/player/Demetri/
  6. A lot of the time I think permas should stay perma and in some more rare cases some shouldn't. In this case I think it is best if we leave this as is. I agree with everything that Coba said with the fact that you are probably one of the most toxic people I've seen. Looking at the thread Jack posted, nothing that you posted looked like a joke to me to be honest. I wouldn't want to see you coming back into this community seeing that you have been more than explosive/destructive before, and rather not take chance at that with the playerbase. -1
  7. I mean you admitted and said it is fun, as well as logs being there to prove you wrong. You were also being sorta aggressive in the discord and acting immature, which I would think was the same during the sit, and your main goal is just to troll. I think everything here is justified. -1 for any punishment
  8. Shes useless, never used never will. +1
  9. It is laughable that you forgot and don’t even mind posting that. I don’t believe in you coming back for a long time, really think about what you posted please. Strong -1
  10. If what is said is true, I don’t have too much faith in you coming back. From what I’ve seen/heard, was that you were not the best person at all. Getting out of control with the powers that is given can be an issue when you are given the powers that you have and can cause issues for other players trying to enjoy the game. But, 3 years is a good amount of time for improvement and your appeal seems genuine. Just remember a lot of the people try to have fun on the server, don’t ruin it for others :). For right now I’ll give you a +1 but I have no problem changing it on information I will be given.
  11. Isaaac

    Ban Appeal

    Alright after thinking about this a bit I know you in game and you are not much of a rulebreaker/troublemaker. You are putting good effort into trying to explain yourself and have been pretty honest. I'll shorten your ban by 2 days, but no more. Nagi and Tony didn't have any video evidence so some of the spawns as Sewer lord could have been completely random, and unintentional. You've obviously made some mistakes going back, stealing the C4, so on so forth. Right now your ban is at 6D and 8H. After I shorten, it'll be at 4 days and 8H. (5 day ban total cut down from 7) Accepted
  12. Isaaac

    Ban Appeal

    Heya Lobotomite, one of the big things was that when I pulled the two guys (nagi and tony) to a sit, they told me that they had told you many times that they were raiding. Another thing that they told me, was that they had planted a C4 during the raid and you had interfered with that, using your grav gun to pull it away. And correct, that is exactly why I did what I did. To add onto it, you left (the game) shortly after the incident was over with, on purpose I wouldn't know, and I didn't think that you left on purpose. https://imgur.com/Jlxm5SO https://imgur.com/fNf3nmr https://imgur.com/kaU3Rhm I didn't have logs at the time because I joined the server and no other mod was on at the time, so I received my logs from nagi and tony + the one instance that I did have of them having to kill you.
  13. This is the first time I've seen someone hit 50 warns, it is crazy to think how many that actually is. Of course the big reason that I disagree with you is because you out of nowhere (the same day that you APPEALED) you accuse a someone* for grooming you? Coba has explained the grit of it. -1
  14. Isaaac

    Blorg ban appeal

    Intentionally or not, MRDM is MRDM. It was proven that you killed 3 people +1 for that other player that you admitted to RDMing. I think all of the evidence for it is here and has been shown/talked about. -1 for shorten
  15. Isaaac

    My Ban Appeal

    What you did was unacceptable and seeing that we let, and have younger kids on this server, I find it pretty nasty. I agree with Undying with the fact that a lot of the time people don't change often, and that it would be likely again for you just because you were angered. I'm a -1
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