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  1. u were not in call when i got a perm ban it was me fuel vito dinkle
  2. u were in when u kicked me not for the ban
  3. dont call me homie this is a ban appeal not a bodega
  4. just pretty stupid that punishment for hard r is a 4 hour ban and i got permd without saying it
  5. and how is my appeal asinine i just want to be un banned im not tryna write a research paper
  6. because i know many people who say worse things and have seen many people banned for 4 hours for saying hard r which i never did u also were not in discord when u banned me so how would u know i said the same thing
  7. vinny was bullying my friend joey with his hurtful words[attachment=151]
  8. i am leting my voice be heard
  9. Can we have a vote to demote blacknova?
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