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  1. Reiko

    TitsMC Ideas

    can we do lil parties and shit
  2. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=426249012
  3. Be that as it may, everyone who resigned made their own choice and was not asked or forced or coerced into resigning. It is a response to something that did not sit right with us. They volunteer their time to help out the server and incidentally, those at the top of the server mistreated one of their brothers and thus a collective did not see it fitting to keep helping anymore. I pm'd sugar and all those affected that I never wanted to cause any issues or shortages to the server but rather simply to retire myself in the good graces at a level that i deserve and that I be recognized for what I've done, good and bad. Yes, the server has 9* less staff members to help keep an eye out, but unfortunatly, staff also have to keep an eye out for themselves and their well-being first before they can help others. To others, you may say what you want about our contribution, but more or less, we did help in some way, some time, some instance when no one else was available. To you, those who view us in a negative light, we may not have been the best existence but for others we are a blessing. There's always a need for change for an opportunity for growth. I hope our message has been sent to those who can make those changes and that the server and younger staff can see this example and learn from it. To the mods who keep working hard, here is your chance to climb up and show us and upper staff what you can do. I dont think we will leave tits but we will no longer be those to look up to. Finally, thank you to all those who supported what they believed to be right. There are many gmod servers, many staff members past and future, but i believe that the team we had was one of the strongest and tight-nit groups of tits history and our bond goes further than simply fellow rpers. Unfortunately, all good times do have to come to an end. But as Dr.Seuss said, and I quote, "Dont cry because it's over, Smile because it happened."
  4. Can you link the YouTube vid, thanks. I wanna watch it
  5. Hello Guys. I have resigned from SMOD (mod) position. Let us talk about our feelings on what's currently happening on the server.
  6. Glarry you've just said that they suck but you haven't really provided any feedback, also I'm pretty sure you can kill them before they get off the ground
  7. Reiko

    I got banned

    The fact you think what you did vs what the other person did was on the same level. Na fam -1
  8. hey quas, u remembered wrong. I never punished u for gate keeping spawn. I gave u 3 hrs because you kept harrassing me after the fact in ooc after u were warned to stop. So theres ur education over punishment. And guess what, youre right, it matter who respects me and i dont need someone like you to respect me, its the same as a dog looking up to you because you give it treats. Anyways, stop shit posting corps genuine post. Take your issues elsewhere or actually keep your comments related. And that is a warning.
  9. Reiko

    Report on Toosi

    Gonna have to agree with isaac on this one. Toosi waiting for a warrant just tells me that hes doing what is required for a cop to raid you. He doesnt know whats going on, who started the shooting but when he comes to, he sees shooting. He notices the gunfire in his general direction and does not know why, he then kills u as you are a threat. and quoting isaac, "he is a cop and your now a threat to the public making you kos"
  10. I was at work and missed this. Regardless of the issues I've had with you in the past, this is something I can stand behind. You can lmk if your being treated unfairly. Although it's hard for me to see who's quoting me when quas or whatever he wants to be called keeps tryna talk shit.
  11. Wait. I'm actually so confused how you still don't understand. If I was going off something I made up, how come your report on me didn't go through ? And talking about respect, while you don't respect me, I can guarantee you that I've gained more than enough respect while I was just a player from 2017 to 2020. I even got respected as someone who was never staff before. I became staff this year. What I meant by my ps is simply, I don't think adding more back and forth comments is good for your post. As sugar mentioned to me in the past, he doesn't not like to read post with pages of comments. I agree with what you said about the downsides but it's not what I consider a negative. Staff need to uphold the rules by displaying the rules and being professional. If there are staff that's not doing it, my PM's are open for that. The main issue is I don't not support your medium of choice when things like this come up. And thank you for being civil in your response this time.
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