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  1. Nvm found it, Player Saint Jerry The GoatFucker (STEAM_0:1:150917519) (Citizen) used spawned_weapon (weapon_c4) <13-06-2021 / 18:29:17> Death LOGS ---------------- Player Saint Jerry The GoatFucker (Citizen) (STEAM_0:1:150917519) killed Abadeer (Assassin) (STEAM_0:1:71886694) with weapon Player [6][Hildibrand Manderville] <13-06-2021 / 18:29:54> Player Saint Jerry The GoatFucker (Citizen) (STEAM_0:1:150917519) killed Milk™ (Hitman) (STEAM_0:1:156350773) with weapon Player [6][Hildibrand Manderville] <13-06-2021 / 18:29:54> Player Saint Jerry Th
  2. You are clearly lying because i saw you literally run at us with the c4 and the c4 was beeping for a long ass time. Do you have any other explanations. -ps even if it wasnt a sit, what justification did u have to "throw" your c4 into a crowd in the middle of a street. Your explanations are leaving a lot of holes
  3. If you can give me a reason that explains the actions behind you c4ing a random group of people + a jailed person , go for it
  4. Idk if u can claim "under the influence of mingy dudes" if you are the mingy dude. -1, dont tolerate this type of bs
  5. sevv, u kinda brought this upon urself knowlingly. +1 for ban length reduction to somewhere between 3days to like a week max
  6. Can you explain what you mean by "under the influence of some mingy dudes"
  7. Reiko

    Perma ban appeal

    You literally just got denied in another appeal. Your perma is gonna be there for a bit, Spamming ban appeals arent gonna help you. What would help is if you stay off our radar for a couple months then try again. Stop spamming this shit, opinions dont change overnight. Denied.
  8. hasnt really done much for a bit now no more alting or causing issues that was the deny reason last time, safe to say hes a changed man? supervise him and if he be doing sly shit we ban him again, that seems to be the general opinion +1 i guess
  9. The lack of a binded warning does not allow someone not to warn. Fear of arrest also is not reason to kill. With that being said, evidence is needed to prove this.
  10. Do you have any evidence? This may have happened and it could be rdm but without proof , nothing can really be done here.
  11. Personally, i would have just verballed you but the fact is, you did somewhat break a rule or rather rp interaction. The warn is justified and leniency is a tool of the staff member who took the sit. It is decision of the staff member to make and there are going to be similar cases that are handled differently. Not that the staff who is more heavy handed is wrong, its their decision. This isnt really an appeal for a false warn but rather one asking for leniency. I just wanted to explain that fact to you.
  12. There is no point spamming comments from either side/anyone until there is some actual evidence. No more baseless comments and accusations until videos are posted. Thanks. Reminder that players who are not pro20blackoutz has no reason to be commenting unless u have something to contribute that will help in the decision. Which i doubt will happen as this is more about the sit that occured or failed to occur. So until the videos are posted, I dont see the need for any comments from anyone.
  13. sync up radios , give the job a radio that can broadcast their choice of music + voice, that would be pog
  14. I think rule 12 should be applicable outside of the server and its official discord only if it concerns other people who are part of the community. This way it still protects if for example, i get a dm from someone calling me the N word. But who gives a flying fuck if someone who plays tits, calls another random person who we do not know or care about or even is related to tits the N word. It just means this person is racist, but as long as they do not display it here where we have control, then oh well. Obv this is dif if the person breaks a law. however, laws are not up to us to
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