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  1. STEAM_0:1:88191830 I'm probably gonna eat food and go out with my family or something like that. I don't really deserve the rank, but It'd be really nice to have and I want it.
  2. It was somebody that had a name similar to mine, but one letter off. My name is Exominem, while his name was Exomimem. I mentioned at the beginning that I was Mr Bones, and for clarification I mentioned Exomimem the Nercomancer to differentiate the one I killed.
  3. Your Steam Name: Exominem Your ingame name: Exominem Your Steam Profile/SteamID: https://steamcommunity.com/id/RealBroForceBoss / STEAM_0:0:199068268 Why were you banned?: Breaking a world prop on purpose (I broke into the room at spawn with Trisha) Why should you be unbanned?: I don't normally play on Trisha, so I don't understand how the Trisha's launcher works. I didn't realize it broke props permanently, and I assumed it just ghosted the props and they returned back to normal after a while. I didn't know that it was punishable and I genuinely didn't mean to break the server rules. This
  4. https://www.titsrp.com/bans/index.php There is clearly something wrong with the ban system, as pretty much every logged ban ends on the 5th of July through the 7th of July. (With the exception of bans longer and shorty than 5-7 days.) Yesterday, ALLNIGHTMUGGY was banned by Keith for "MassRDM | NITRP | FailRP (Extend to 7D)" but apparently, he was unbanned on the 7th of July. Maths was rebanned yesterday for "Reban for MRDM/Playing when supposed to be banned." for 7 days, and he can join the server today. The website says he was unbanned on the 7th of July.
  5. Your Steam Name: Exominem | heckcase.com Your ingame name: ily Your Steam Profile/SteamID: http://steamcommunity.com/id/RealBroForceBoss / STEAM_0:0:199068268 Why were you banned?: RDM | LTAP Why should you be unbanned?: I was raiding two medics and killed them both. Then was called out for RDM. I was defending myself through OOC, about to say to just call and admin, but my game crashed before I had a chance to further explain myself. I tried joining as soon as possible but I was banned too fast. Evidence: None
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