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  1. STEAM_0:0:59807106 I'm going to lay down in bed for the holidays since I got nothing to do and due to the pandemic, there's no where to go.
  2. Seems, like yesterday I have been BANNED by Big Heart once again for BEING on while BANNED. So Big Heart banned me for another 7 days, and tomorrow I can JOIN the server again. This is a very serious bug.
  3. I was banned yesterday. @slick
  4. I can join the server after being banned? The bans page also says I'm unbanned? You guys need to fix it before it's gets abuse by someone. To do this bug, get temp-banned, then rejoin the server a hour later. Priority: High P.S. When you guys updated my banned, this still works.
  5. Maths


    Your Steam Name: 8BitFox Your ingame name: Maths Your Steam Profile/SteamID: STEAM_0:0:59807106 Why were you banned?: MRDM Why should you be unbanned?: I need to be unbanned because this is my first ban and I didn't know that killing people non-cp in the pd in the revolt is illegal. It wasn't in the rules and I saw a Moderator did it, shitty memory, but I don't know who did it. Just give me a verbal warning, I have learned my mistake. Who banned you? Big Heart Evidence: None.
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