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  1. @Gettermy guy, is the video done?
  2. I get it if youre mad, and the evidence you provide will help you in this case, if you or other player can give us enough evidence about the situation it'll help you and us a lot. Ill wait for further info to see if the ban should be revoked or shortened.
  3. I know the story but in my side i left the case to a superior for in the moment i was unsure about on how to continue the sit, i was however, present start to end of the sit. I can verify that yes i remenber the whole story, and yes that RDM is indeed confirmed to my first suspicions. Ps: Stoner, try getting your story more accurate to avoid missunderdtandings @Succ The Zucc
  4. Clarify that only me was in fact a T-Mod, other staff was Drac0 wich is the Mod+ i asked for help in the situation, as someone doesn't matter if new or old player i will do or listen to orders to in my sits. Im +1 in applying some punishment to dyln after getting hold on better confirmation about the rules in question. Dyln reasoning in the sit was using RP talk to make it seem as his actions were justified, even tho his words were nothing but distracting gibberish to hide the fact of rule braking.
  5. To read the rules, even if it is a glanze to them, but to clarify your minor doubts about the Can and Cannot' s of the server and comunnity in general Learning even the basics can help to the time and experience to the Mods and Players in their playtime and time being in the TitsRP community
  6. There is actually rules against player toxicity. But also there is as before mentioned the Tab.Menu Mute and Gag options to help against this, in some way it's a fault by the both parties, Cooper for his toxicity and Bong's letting it happen and continuity to happen, so my final thought would be: Cooper's is toxic, you decided to listen to him, and Bong, use the tools you're given more often. Do better, learn from this. Learning from this situation helps to the growth and peace in this community
  7. InBread

    Warn appeal

    Already set up the bind, have to check them from time to time tho, since when the game crashes it goes back to my old binds from 2 years ago, wich dont work and are in spanish
  8. InBread

    Warn appeal

    I unfortunatly didn't find any video nor screenshot, so i can't back it up with any phisical evidence but memory, sorry for inconvenience
  9. InBread

    Warn appeal

    I'll search for it, i think that was the day someone (maybe you) introduced me to using medal (shadowplay) because i didnt know what it was back then, but now im using it so if this appeal doesn't have any evidence, future ones (i hope there isnt any) will in fact have the evidence if it was a mistake, or if i want to clean it off, if i brake any rules in the future i will accept any punishment since i should by now, know the rules and i'm keeping myself as clean and honest as i possibly can
  10. InBread

    Warn appeal

    It was when i was starting my retake in DarkRP and i had 2 verbals i think so if it isn't accepted i will understand, even tho i'm trying to keep myself as clean as possible :')
  11. Nice(?
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