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  1. pov: he can disable cheats
  2. I wish you could prove it too, I wish you weren’t cheating. I’ve said everything I’ve had to say on this ban appeal so i’m tapping out now.
  3. Ask yourself that. You’re the one cheating, not us.
  4. I’d like to say that when that thing happened where Baandit flicked onto me twice, It had happened so fast that I didn’t even see him flick onto me the first time, I had only seen it happen once until I looked at the footage.
  5. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/774552641593802784/875494399281344562/video0.mov tbh i see no reason at all for you to continue hitting perfect hops in this roleplay scenario where you should be way more focused on killing him than you should be on hitting perfect hops.
  6. The thing that had really sealed the deal for me was when we were in a sit abt your cheating. You were obviously nervous, but you started saying stuff and then immediately after you would say something contradicting that last statement. You would say that you don’t play video games that much at all, then four minutes later you would say that you play video games all the time. You said you rarely played GMOD and when I brought up the fact that you had 1.1k or something hours you said that you were on your dad’s account. Then you would say later that you play GMOD all the time. This just made me not trust anything you said at all. You were just digging holes into your story.
  7. Hi Knickers

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      Hi Raccoons.

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