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  1. I normally like some pretty crazy music but here is my favorite chill song
  2. I feel like any game is amazing before you find out the "meta" and best ways to progress, farm, etc. Runescape was one of my first PC game in 2008 or 2009 and there was so much to do. I had like 100 days played on my account and it was pretty low level. Eventually it got hacked cause I was a dumb 9 year old. (I got it back later) My newer account has about the same amount of time with 1000x the amount of progress. I really enjoy learning new things in games and get bored when I understand them. When I start games I like to avoid guides for awhile and just do my own thing. Weirdly I don't enjoy single player games.
  3. The same staff member claimed 1 of my tickets for nlr/rdm in a raid and never did anything about it. Had to make a new ticket message and wait for a different staff to take it. Maybe something came up but it looked like they were still in killfeed and ooc.
  4. Just giving some ideas to make it a little better since the admins have been pretty firm on keeping it this long. I played serial killer for the first time and it definitely could be 45-60 seconds instead.
  5. Phantasy


    More gamba good. Idk if there is other addons but that 1 slot machine every server has is a bit boring. The golden one with the bonus wheel.
  6. A lot of serial killers are just boring too. During that time you could play some creepy nursery rhyme on a boombox or tell us your backstory. More interaction is always good! If its just complete silence for 90 seconds then yeah its way too long and boring.
  7. Also since people can afk forever if you don't have the golden list and need to pickpocket sometimes you will get afk dead player after dead player.
  8. Yeah no natural cover and spawning into gunfire kills you pretty quick. I pretty much solo raided when they weren't prepared, until green invited new people to his party mid raid after I killed everyone.
  9. I think its considered failrp to destroy your entities mid raid.
  10. I personally didn't have any lag so it might be the other people just were talking about this lag during the raid. The base was fine in a rule sense. I think it was just because there was so many people coming through at the same time some people spawned in each other and some spawned in and on the roof of the "base".
  11. Bases are pretty much just cosmetic anyway. You sit outside and spam the makeshift timebombs, matt nades/bombs, and smokes until nothing is left then go in. It mostly comes down to aim/gun/more people once the base is gone.
  12. Idk being able to mat bomb and stuff through walls makes raiding pretty easy. The most issue I had raiding was a meta base where the guy was also a meth dealer so he just pointed the gas at the entrance. I couldn't see, took lots of damage, and I think is slows you too. I haven't raided raccoon or malicious before though so I might be missing something. I probably need to buy some pre nerfs and make op food.
  13. This is why in my original post I said just delete it. Raiding is pretty balanced everywhere else but trying to raid kingdom when they are ready is nearly impossible.
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