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  1. I just recently had a player model added and had no issues. I think this could make it easier for the admins to sort through requests but that's up to them to decide. They would have to create a new site/section and it might not even help them all that much. As a user it's already really easy to just send over a link in a dm and then send the money via paypal.
  2. I think they should have more items in them. This would mean a higher chance to get something better. I opened 1 and was a little disappointed only getting 8 different things.
  3. Phantasy


    If this was a serious rp server I would agree with you (dark rp isnt very serious). Just be aware when you use a gun who might be around. Most cops who see that it's self defense wont shoot you regardless.
  4. I went there it was weak. This was like 99% at the spot but just barely through the wall. If you noclip into that wall there is nothing near there where it could have been.
  5. I dont remember who warned me. At the time I didnt think much of the warning then later saw someone get auto banned for a week for only 5 warning and thought it would be best to appeal and always record.
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