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  1. RAY RAY

    Report on Toosi

    I was referring to something that happened a month or 2 ago before I was even a staff member. After seeing the opinions of some higher rank staff it seems I may very well be in the wrong here, and if so I will warn myself for NLR. If that is the case, I do apologize cause as a moderator I should know all the rules of the server in depth. But as you said it does seem like kind of a gray area because I've seen many different opinions from staff members here some saying it wasnt NLR and some saying it was. I have just been told personally by an admin that it's not NLR when I got called into that sit a month ago so I thought I was in the right in the situation.
  2. RAY RAY

    Report on Toosi

    I dont see it as NLR because before I was staff I was called into a sit for this same situation. Staff member who took the sit did NOT warn me and said I was in the right. I was told it is not NLR because they were breaking a law that I could see after I died and they were near spawn (so I was clearly not targeting them) Seems like we need a little more training on NLR because I have been misinformed by another staff member previously, And quite a few staff members agreed this was not NLR (not saying your wrong and it wasnt NLR, but yeah...)
  3. Oh sorry, I agree with you 100% in this situation, I just thought you were saying that in general people shouldn't be allowed to kill friends even if they are consenting to it . But in this situation that you reported I would +1 punishing sniipes for MRDM, because it was other people who got killed and were not consenting to it or having a friendly war with him. When I saw he only got a warning I thought that wasn't fair as well. Because anytime someone mass rdms its always a ban. Joesphine should be talked to about it and told showing bias is unacceptable.
  4. Had this happen to me earlier and thought that wasn't how its supposed to work. Like Raccoons said it is probably low priority cause there are more severe bugs/exploits but you are correct it still seems to be a problem.
  5. That's drastically different...? If two friends are playing around and having a sniper war killing each other do you really want them banned for Mass RDM? Lmfao playing would be no fun if staff were that strict. Making a joke like that is a totally different scenario and I don't even see how you could justify comparing the 2.
  6. Like ¬°TzFurry! said if it was really a year ago, then I'm saying +1 while what you did was definitely pretty serious I think you deserve a second chance because 1.) it has been a pretty damn long time and 2.) you are acknowledging what you did was wrong and seem pretty apologetic about it. (my vote is subject to change if new details come to light that go against you, but this is my input at this time)
  7. I was playing at the time this happened. I did in fact see sniipes kill MANY people with an SBC cannon but before I had a chance to intervene (was dealing with something else) Josephine had called snipes into a sit. I was honestly pretty confused when I saw he only received a warn because it seemed pretty clear to me it was MRDM, he was killing a lot of people. If you do have footage of the sit though it would be nice to see just so I can see what was said.
  8. "The link you posted is nothing but a blank screen when I open it" As I stated above, the link you provided was not working for me and you did not mention you were playing Gru in the report. Not sure why your being so hostile lmfao. It loaded for me now and I checked it, Shit ass was wrong in this situation but hes been trial mod for less than a week and is still learning things, so he thought you rdmed and went in to intervene. I'll make sure to talk to him about it and I'm sure another higher up will too.
  9. RAY RAY

    Report on Toosi

    But your breaking the law either way lol. And regardless its not like I purposely went to the same area as you, I was literally walking out of spawn and saw you.
  10. RAY RAY

    Report on Toosi

    That doesn't really make sense to me though. So if you kidnap somebody they should be able to step in, but if your holding an illegal weapon and have a bounty they shouldn't? There isn't really much of a difference.
  11. RAY RAY

    Report on Toosi

    I tried to explain that to him in-game. I have been called into a sit for a similar situation (when i wasn't staff) and this is also what I was told by more than 1 staff member.
  12. I'm about to hop on the server and I will go as the Treasure Hunter role and check it out. If the bug is still happening I will try and contact a higher rank in the discord and get it handled for you. Thanks for letting us know!
  13. RAY RAY

    My ban sppeal

    +1 because its already been 10 months. Although it doesn't seem like you put a WHOLE lot of effort into this application, you admit you were wrong and stated what you did. I do believe in second chances and if you only threatened to dox and not actually went through with it I'd be okay with giving you a second chance. I just hope you've now learned this is taken seriously and to not do it again. Best of luck!
  14. +1 video shows FDA in my opinion, he saw there was a batman looking at him, ran for his base then used a non keypad/button way to get into his base shutting the door directly after he went in.
  15. RAY RAY

    Report on Toosi

    You keep bringing up hypothetical situations that involve kidnapping, and hitmen when every situation is different. I'm not going to go back and forth about it, I said my side of the story and you've posted a forums report so the other staff will take care of it. If I'm in the wrong then I will take the consequence like I stated.
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