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  1. +1 for ban reduction With you having no previous punishments, I think the week ban while justified, was a little harsh and I see no problem with it being 2-3 days. Good luck!
  2. -1 The video evidence clearly shows you break NLR, then Revenge RDM isaac after he killed you as serial killer, then after that you attempt to kill him again. Once he brings you to a sit, you RDM him once again. It is your responsibility to read your job description & the !motd. Plus lying in a appeal doesn't look good for you at all. This ban is 100% valid...
  3. +1 This would be a pretty cool and unique job to add, not sure how difficult it would be for the developers to add but if they can I think it would be dope.
  4. Bruh you are literally making pedo accusations in the shoutbox as of the last 5 minutes.. So yes I would say it is guaranteed to happen again, as you literally already did it again. You just don't learn your lesson do you? If you think saying things like that is a joke, I think you should get some help.
  5. Your appeal was already denied, so there really was no point in you making another. You lied in your previous appeal stating that you were a new player, but you literally have 10 bans on record before your latest perma. What you did was pretty disgusting, and with you having so many bans on our server I don't really see any point in letting you back.. because its almost guaranteed to happen again. -1.... again. Edit: Yeah and now your literally making pedo accusations in the shoutbox.. enjoy the perma ban. You act very immature & I don't think you should be given another chance to play on our server. smh..
  6. Could you post the evidence now? Seems that it has been a couple days but still no video, we cannot do anything without evidence provided.
  7. -1 You have multiple previous bans for MRDM & a racism ban already. You clearly lied in this appeal trying to seem like an innocent new player but that is obviously not the case. Shoot with how many previous bans you already have your lucky nobody extended one of those to a perma already. But you coming on and saying something disgusting like that, I would not mind if you never joined our server again. You have showed your behavior has not changed since your previous bans in 2020, I think it is time for you to find a new server to play on.
  8. Agreed, people spamming their swep sounds can get annoying at times, I see no reason we shouldn't have a easy way to do this. +1
  9. RAY RAY

    I was perma'd

    (this vote is subject to change if Sugar Tits has something to add onto this showing you did this on purpose) +1 I've taken sits with you & talked to you in-game before and never had a negative experience with you. This is also your first time being banned, although you have many hours on the server. You've always been friendly and I really have never had any problems with you. Due to this I do believe you when you say that you did not mean to exploit and this was a accident/misunderstanding. You seem apologetic & genuinely want to be back on the server. Good luck!
  10. -1 You've been banned for RDM before, so you should know better. This ban was not false lol.. RDM is a server rule, it cannot be made legal even if the mayor states everything is legal. There are also such thing as fail laws (laws that are not allowed/ go against the !motd) and it is your responsibility to read up on the rules, and know what you can and can't do. Honestly it is kind of common sense, regardless of what the laws are you still aren't able to just Mass RDM lol. (by the way, Lucy is the one who actually banned you.. EpicWaffleHouse is just the one who extended your ban since Lucy is a tmod and can not ban for more than a day.)
  11. Disagree. There would be no point in removing chess tables just because you can't target them as those two jobs. Maybe we could find a solution to that issue, but a lot of people play the chess tables & it would be unfair to them.
  12. -1 It is your responsibility to read the !motd or at least your jobs description. Also, with you having as many RDM warns as you have, you should know better then doing something like this, if you had no previous punishment history for RDM I would probably +1 this appeal but you should know better. Mass RDM refers to killing 3 or players without proper reason, you did this so I can't really justify having you unbanned.
  13. Lmaooo I was thinking that too. But welcome back bro!
  14. Accepted (since I was the one reported I will let my higher ups decide what punishment is given to me of course) After thinking on this for a couple of days, I definitely should have handled this sit better. Part of the reason I warned you for the crossfire was because I felt you were toxic in the sit, but if I got teleported to a sit and the first thing told to me is I'm being banned for MRDM when I didn't, I would be pretty pissed off too. I should have verified all of the facts regarding your kills before making any accusation like that, so I do apologize for doing that. I also removed the RDM warn I gave you regarding the crossfire kill. I definitely made some mistakes when handling this sit & I have learned from that though. Even when dealing with multiple people I believe to be RDMing, I will make sure to verify all of the facts before accusing them or taking any action. Thanks.
  15. Just to clear something up, some of the staff are thinking the reason I warned him was because he killed the gun dealer in the video he posted. The warning is actually for him killing the citizen standing behind the gun dealer (which is why it was crossfire, not IRDM)
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