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  1. Ahh okay. Thanks man lol idk how I didn't know about them giving benefits.
  2. Dumb question I know sorry, but what perks do the pets have? I've never had any pets on the server or really paid any attention to them - but I thought they were just a visual thing. What benefits do they offer? For example what does your bunny pet do?
  3. While Tene is correct you do have a lot of bans, these seem to be accidental and I think they should be removed since your asking. +1
  4. Acting this immature & disrespecting the server/staff team while also wanting us to accept a ban appeal for you does not make any sense... just saying. -1 for unban You are wanting your 2 week ban removed & also wanting a staff member demoted - but you have 0 evidence supporting any of your claims. I mean I don't really know what your expecting to be done without having video evidence, or even a screenshot of the logs? You called a sit about something which you said you had video evidence of.. so if you were recording then wouldn't you have this sit recorded as well showing the apparent abuse? Can you please post the video of the incident that lead to you calling a sit, and the video of the sit itself? Looking at your ban history, you have had multiple for RDM & toxicity - the way you're acting in this appeal makes me believe all of the toxicity bans are 100% accurate, so does Getters screenshot of you calling him a "fucking retard" multiple times.
  5. "Requested Perma(Cannot appeal)" That is your ban reason... whenever somebody requests a perma ban they are told that you can not appeal it. If you wanted to come back eventually I have no clue why you would request a permanent ban in the first place? Also, your wanting staff to unban you while at the same time calling us all retarded? Lmao. As malicious said - clearly your attitude is very bad. -1 for unban If you had come on here being civil about it, putting even a little bit of effort into your appeal, and not being toxic towards staff member I would probably be willing to give you another chance. Before receiving this perma ban you requested, you had been banned for extreme player toxicity. And the way your acting on this appeal makes me think you are going to come back and be a problematic player. For these reasons I think the ban should stay.
  6. If somebody did this, I'm sure they would get caught pretty quickly because smod+ like to check other staff members sit history/logs/playtime to make sure they're doing their job correctly. But that doesn't change the fact that it could definitely be abused. It should probably be changed so that if you claim your own sit it does not count toward your sit count or give you any suga/$ for it.
  7. Join our discord, there's a little blue box on the right side of the forums where you can join. Adding him on there & messaging him is probably gonna be the quickest way to get ahold of him!
  8. -1 for unban/ ban reduction +1 for ban extension/ community removal I would definitely consider this extreme toxicity, and drama mongering. The fact that you dont even seem to recognize what you did was wrong or act apologetic shows a lot about your character. Sure this is just a video game but the person you are talking about died... in real life. I think it's a pretty horrible thing to joke about. I definitely think this ban was deserved. No clue why you even think doing that is funny or okay. The large amount of bans/warns you have compared to the small amount of playtime you have is pretty ridiculous. You seem to cause a lot of issues on the server.
  9. Re read the post, he never said you hid behind people or baited him lol ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- -1 for unban While I can understand where you're coming from, if you RDM 3+ people (accidental or not) that is still MRDM & will almost always result in a 1 week ban. Due to the situation, you were given a 4 day ban which is pretty fair, if Tap wanted to he could've added 3 more days onto that. If a person you are in a firefight with starts hiding behind people it is best to just disengage at that point - because even if you are shooting at Snow but killed those other people you are still responsible for it.
  10. I think this is a great idea & it would probably be super easy to add
  11. RAY RAY

    false ban

    Death logs: https://imgur.com/a/IgQwCJT https://imgur.com/Nbcky9V Chat logs where you said "misclick" https://imgur.com/tBn6DK7
  12. RAY RAY

    false ban

    You killed over 20 people with a minigun within 4 minutes, then said "misclick." You RDM'ed way more than just 1 person
  13. -1 for unban +1 to reduce the ban to 3-5 days. While I can kind of see where you are coming from, you still did MRDM. If you have been playing here for over 2 years than you should really know better by now. I understand not everybody is going to take the time to read through the rules but that does not mean you aren't responsible if you broke a rule because you chose not to learn it. The reason I think that a reduction is fair is because you have accepted what you did was wrong, and shown us that you have now learned how to properly handle a situation like this.
  14. Lmfao Kio fr..... what the fuck
  15. RAY RAY

    My appeal

    Yeah we have seen the appeal, but until the banning staff member replies to it we aren't really suppose to +1/-1 it.. we are all waiting on him.
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