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  1. Could add this? https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=391383735
  2. This guy has loads of great models but he never rigs & animates them. Unfortunately we can't add much of his stuff because otherwise it will just slide across the floor. Out of his stuff, what we can add is stuff that sits on your shoulder or floats in the air (without animations) naturally.
  3. opinion discarded Warm Regards, Billy
  4. TitsRP players, Please post your pet suggestions here. Your suggestion must come with a link to a model for the pet. If I deem your pet suggestion worthy, I may entertain its addition to the "Tits Roleplay" codebase. Warm Regards, Billy Chief of Pet Entertainment (COPE) @supermarioben2
  5. Very early pets demo! https://i.venner.io/gs97JkliuZ.mp4
  6. These are awesome, I will definitely be adding some of the pets you have listed. The abilities stuff I will discuss with KDawg and Rubik. Obviously a lot more discussion will need to take place about that.
  7. Messing around in singleplayer wouldn't let you execute clientside Lua on the server unless you magically removed FCVAR_REPLICATED from sv_allowcslua and switched it to 0
  8. I wasn't able to reproduce this, but next time it happens, can you try using the invnext and invprev commands in console and see what happens?
  9. This is a crucial optimization that we cannot remove, so please keep your private activities behind closed walls If you see someone exploiting this, I would recommend you just report it to a staff member.
  10. Yeah this seems to be caused by the large model.
  11. Fixed in August update
  12. Fixed both in August update
  13. Fixed in August update
  14. Fixed in August update
  15. Couldn't reproduce this on my local development server. Might have something to do with the production server's configuration.
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