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  1. Hey sierra! i indeed confirm that i have told you it was okay to display that in textscreens, you called a sit about them and i took the sit and looked at it, after double checking with my superiors wether or not the textscreen message was allowed or not i was told that i was allowed and i told it back to you, here in TitsRP we don't allow transphobia or any kind of hate against any group of minorities but it is important to note that i don't believe the message "you will never be a woman or a man" plastered in random spots is against our rules, it would be a different situation if there were slurs on the textscreens but about the textscreen situation i do believe is allowed, i don't think this is the input that you might like to see but this is what i do think about this situation, ill hold my vote on this report until some staff members vote first
  2. I don't believe this is misconduct from the reported staff member, saying slurs can get you muted, banished or kicked! -1 I would like to indeed confirm that this player did indeed do it in a joking matter to me and i did not care about it, all of that while he deleted the message instantly aware that i was looking at the chat
  3. the steamids on the reported player do match yours
  4. Evidence is pretty clear about what happened, when voting someone off you have to provide a valid reason! "take a break" is not a valid reason not to mention that this player has done this many times before he has tried it on you imma be +1 for long-ass voterestrict
  5. Please don't use ChatGPT to do ban appeals! DENIED but you may remake a new appeal with your own words instantly after this, you dont even need to write too much!
  6. we would like to have this but sadly it is not possible to do
  7. GoatNuts

    Ban appeal

    Ironfish was the one who banned you in the first place, and he agrees on unbanning you and giving you a temporal state of parole with MRDM offenses, i have no problem with this so imma go with +1
  8. it is pretty hard to accidentally mas rdm only one person -1
  9. GoatNuts


    bro tried using robux generators +1 for unban from discord
  10. ngl i woud've given him a 6monther for that
  11. You just cant use macros man, you can use any built-in gmod script but external macros are a big no-no
  12. Hey Hyder! first of all i apologise for the unprofessionalism of the staff members that you are reporting, even though us staff members are still humans and are bound to make mistakes every once in a while, i believe the procedures of these staff members are unnacceptable for our standards For Beef Curtains, it all started with you jokingly replying to a question with "Mini skibidi toilet rizz in ohio" before being blasted by Beef, while i do understand the comedic value of being blasted after saying that, doing it as a staff member to someone you dont know is not acceptable, thankfully though he did end up warning himself for that RDM, but all the sits you've been with him after that shows how he just doesnt want to deal with you and discouraging you to report rulebreakers, imma gonna go with +1 for full on demotion back to VIP, no staff ban though For the Player Toxicity warn, i am not sure, in the 4th video (https://streamable.com/yj90sj) It is shown how you -1 rep him for "Fat Retard", while i believe that he warned you for it a little late, but i am not sure if i would go with +1 for removal of that warn, since you said it to him in a peyorative manner. NEUTRAL for Player Toxicity warn removal For american red cross, it is shown that instead of punishing, or instructing Beef to punish himself for what he have done to you, he decided to unjail him and propkill him three times before ditching the sit and instructing Beef to handle it himself, his situation is lighter than the other reported players, but still i would like to go with +1 for demotion to trial moderator and extended trial moderator stay For xiers, it can be seen you casually beefing with xiers before he e warns you and immediately after kills you, when E warning someone, you have to wait a minimum of three seconds before being able to kill the guy you are e warning, when being pulled into a sit he starts taunting you, telling you to cope and to stop crying about it, this all coming from an ex-mod by the way, after that it is shown how you were attempting to cuff him, never managing to start swinging your cuffs, even though you had many oportunities to cuff him, he ends up blasting you, when being followed by a cop attempting to cuff you, you can only kill them if they start swinging them cuffs, this is confirmed by an admin down here, ill go with +1 for 1-3d ban for IRDM
  13. that doesnt get you on #1 for jackpot leaderboard + makes you win 4 double or nothing jackpots, when we talk about macros we mean external programs, built-in gmod commands and scripts are allowed and aside from that, i do believe that this ban, and the decision behind it is valid to me, player tried using something that is unallowed in 99% of servers (not even only in GMOD, basically most games too) for its own gain and now its serving the time for it, i dont want to attack you but you are an old admin too jewann, you should know how big of a no-no using macros really is I don't believe there is anything wrong with this punishment and i believe Mav did not do any sort of foul play, specially when i was one of the people to test if the player was indeed macroing right before being brought to a sit -1
  14. I believe 1 month as a new player was fair for what the user has used the macro for, he was winning double or nothing jackpot after double or nothing jackpot back to back, both giving him stupid amounts of money and making him the winner of the jackpot leaderboard, if that doesnt scream unfair advantage i dont know man not to mention that hacking/macros are usually a 6m ban so i believe this player got let off kinda easy
  15. You were banned for exploiting because you were AFK using a macro, the use of macros in this server is against the rules
  16. Thats why you keep quicksell off!!!
  17. Even on TitsRP, the connection time is ultra slow compared to other multiplayer games, while TitsRP is on the faster side of loading times compared to most darkrp servers, it still takes quite a while, specially when your connection is unstable and you have gmod installed in a traditional hard drive instead of in an SSD, that on top of garrys mod being super unstable, crashing a little bit too easily i wouldnt think you are lying, so imma go with a +1 for unban
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