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  1. Adds more use to the scooter, But I'm fine with just boomboxes and parcels being used on it.
  2. Same with the jeep and wheelchair, it's nice to have music while driving around so it's not so boring, It would be nice to be able to have a boombox on your scooter while delivering parcels. Something Coconut suggested is to allow players to put the pickup box on the back of the scooter as well, which sounds like it would be more interesting in an rp situation than someone eating the pickup box and jump swepping as fast as they can to their base.
  3. I uninstalled that addon because it didn't dance where your player hitbox was, hopefully it can be added back then, And also you should consider making the new emotes last longer than half a second cause its annoying to spam click just to cross your arms for 3 seconds lmao
  4. If it weren't for the meddling exploits lmao
  5. Seeming as though the new BP contains emotes, I suggest adding binds back for them so we can emote easier, or add a better looking emote menu with a designated key you can use regardless of weither you're holding keys or not.
  6. Without a recyclable rock the environment would be ruined and we couldn't play our minigames anymore ;(
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