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Jackpot glitch

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I recently dced while i had a large amount of suga in the jackpot, when i logged back on, even though it said i had won the jackpot, my suga was not in the "claim winnings" menu for me to redeem. I recently saw a bug report talking about the same issue and figured that the same thing had happened to me. https://forums.titsrp.com/topic/21114-jackpot-refund/

I have a clip https://medal.tv/games/garrys-mod/clips/2cFtlxwD8vkdS9/d1337Ogb9O6I?invite=cr-MSx1SE8sMjEyODczODQ4LA
and a few screenshots to hopefully show its an actual bug

lmk if the imgur link doesnt work its my first time using it

How to reproduce:

join the jackpot, and ensure that you will win it, then leave before the jackpot starts/finishes and join back to see if your winnings can be claimed. I can hop in the test server to help prove that this is a bug if need be as the other post from 2can kinda of ended on an unsure note


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On 4/6/2024 at 12:20 PM, Rubik said:

Looking at logs I don't see any jackpots from this date that you won & that are unclaimed. My only guess as to what happened is someone joined the jackpot after you logged off / crashed & won but for some reason it displayed you as the winner. 

if someone did snipe this jackpot please let it be known here, based on the gambling activity at the time i highly highly doubt it did get sniped

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I see the jackpot here and I see that it's also unclaimed and you are the winner. I haven't confirmed this yet but my theory on what may be happening is that if you don't claim the winnings by midnight it bugs out and won't let you claim it bc it thinks it's "expired". Generally you have like 48 hours to claim it though so this is really weird. Are you sure you don't see the option to claim bc it should be there?

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I believe its the same time frame as marketplace which is a week until it just goes to the void.


The metal clip was me joining after I got back to my computer and saw I had dced. the two winnings I claimed were coinflips that no one took before I dced. You might be on to something with the midnight thing as it was around that time. I've ive joined and left a few times since the incident and haven't seen any option to claim the winnings.

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