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  1. So quite a while ago a friend and I were able to swap the owner of our CC with the help of staff, is there anyway a staff member would be able to help with this? If you need to contact me my discord is Cheesy Asscheeks#5091
  2. Your Steam Name: miStEr MaCARoni | Ham Man Your ingame name: miStEr MaCARoni Your Steam Profile/SteamID: 76561198173603866 Why were you banned?: My ban was a fair ban. I had gone rouge and done the standard stuff, like banning a player and deleting props. Why should you be unbanned?: It has been a few months since the ban and I am beginning to wish I hadn't abused, if I am unbanned I DO NOT want any rank other than my VIP that I had paid for. I want to rejoin the community that I loved but abandoned. Please give me another chance. Who banned you? Sol
  3. It was either Donny or Deadass Tyrone
  4. Your Steam Name: ☭ChefBoyardee☭ Your ingame name: Jeff Boyardee -------------------------------------------- Your Steam Profile/SteamID: http://steamcommunity.com/id/BracedPrism972/ (SteamID STEAM_0:0:106669069) -------------------------------------------- Why were you banned?: Troll|Minge| RDM In a sit|NITRP -------------------------------------------- Why should you be unbanned?: Alright so before I begin my apology, I would like to say that while yes, I was a little annoying while micspamming, but I was not following anyone and I was a hobo. I was simply by a base mic spamming like a lot of other hobos do but I guess the staff that banned me considered it Minge and Trolling? -------------------------------------------- Evidence: Alright, let me begin by saying I know what I did was wrong and looking back at it, I was a selfish idiot for doing it and I fully regret what I did. First of all, the reason I even started to mic spam as a hobo was because I was really mad since my base that I had been working and farming money on for hours got raided and I thought in my head that "If I'm having a bad day lets take it out on the players" which now looking at it was dumb. If I was mad then I should have just gotten off gmod. Anyways, I had been doing that for a while until I had been brought to a sit. At that point I would say it was 1:30 AM so I was pretty tired and made a stupid decision. I took a shovel from my inventory and killed the staff member since I was so annoyed and I had enough as the sit was going on for about 10 minutes. Overall, I'm sorry for what I had done and I sincerely apologize from the bottom of my heart and promise that if I get unbanned, I will never recreate what I did that night. I made poor decisions and subsequently, I got punished for that. I know what I did was wrong, and I hope that you will accept my apology and unban me. I more than assure you that what I did that night will never happen again.
  5. Where do I apply (I know I have negative rep but Quarel falsely -1'd me) [*]What is your ingame username? [*]Jeff Boyardee [*]How many hours do you have? [*]Around 500 [*]How much ingame currency do you have? (will not ?e reflected in decision) [*]I have very little money and cannot check the exact amount for I am currently banned. [*]Why would you like to join? [*]Same as Mongo those stinky Leblancs have tormented me for way too long
  6. You dont have to be a triggered bitch about it [video=youtube] OH BOI IM GUNNA HURT QUAREL'S FEELINGS
  7. You dont have to be a triggered bitch about it
  8. Ive been vomiting for 3 years you pussy.
  9. Your Steam Name:Bongopocalypse Your ingame name:Bongopocalypse Your Steam Profile/SteamID: STEAM_0:0:106669069 Why were you banned?: Attempting to crash the server Why should you be unbanned?: While I don't want to dispute anything and start a firestorm I was banned for spawning nograv turtles in a small room and spawning barrels with muscles attached to them, therefore, making them spazz out and go everywhere. First off I can disprove the fact that I spawned the turles because my friend Moist Chicken looked in the logs to see who spawned the turtles and we found that it was Ipug2 who spawned them. Second of all, at first it was just my friend Mongo who spawned a barrel and it naturally spazzed into the small room, we watched it as people came inside to watch it too and ipug2 spawned the turtles and I didn't spawn any barrels at all as I just watched. Overall i'm sincerely sorry from the bottom of my heart that I was in any way attempting to crash a server, I was just trying to get a chuckle with my friends before it quickly escalated into this chaos which resulted in me getting permanently banned. I will promise next time to be attentive to the rules and to constantly check in with the staff to see if whatever im doing is allowed and is ok. Evidence: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=862935801
  10. Exploit Threat Level: Medium Issue: A spoon can have infinite range therefore being an amazing weapon. How to Replicate: Grab yourself a spoon and a fence of your choosing. Next put the fence in front of you and a wall or player where you are aiming your spoon. Finally hit with your spoon and check for bullet holes or blood.
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