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  1. I guess that makes sense and I am genuinely thankful for that short ban cause I can't start growing my brain cells back, I NEED THEM AT A LOW PERCENT
  2. Acending I think you only talked to me about NLR when you were about to ban me, I never recalled you telling me not to break NLR beforehand, anyways that doesn't really matter, I just want to see the logs or clips so I can just get this appeal over with, I genuinely don't care about the results, I can wait out my ban, I only made this appeal because I wanted to see the evidence, because I know for a fact if I dmed you about it, you would've never sent me it. If I am innocent I am innocent, If I am guilty I can just wait out my ban, If you could get those clips from that person that you claimed "clips everything" to see if he just killed me there for no reason or killed me for arresting his friend 3 times which I highly doubt because as I said from before I only had 2 encounters with them, that would be great. Oh and when you quoted that you told me that you would send me the clips earlier that night which you never told me. You told me that you would send it when I dmed you, I still never got them until now and when I was in the sit before you banned me you said that you saw the clips and it was pretty hard evidence and now you are claiming you don't have the clips? ACENDING YOU ARE CONFUSING ME, I AM FINE WITH THE BAN I JUST WANNA SEE THE CLIPS AND GO BACK TO TICKLING YOUR TOES AND SCREAMING RDM WITH YOU. WIth Lots Of Love, Linus Tech Tips
  3. I do believe I broke NLR 1 time but for the other 2 I believe that it was misunderstanding, I think it was most possibly due to me passing by that same spot, the only encounters that I had with that player was me arresting his friend once in his base before getting killed then coming back around 2-3 minutes after my death to initiate a search warrant for there base due to them selling guns without a license, during those 2-3 minutes, I came back to that same area(which was the corner street next to the mayors office) but not to harass them but to just chill and talk to people and do my rp job as a cop, I think I was killed 2 or 1 time during those 2-3 minutes, I believe one was crossfire, and the other I don't remember sadly, but after that entire ordeal I did the search warrent thing then got killed by them, in which afterwards after 1 minute I was put in an admin jail then told that I committed massnlr, and that the person who reported me who's name was doge k9, had clips of me doing it, so since I was confused I asked the admin if he could send me the clips that doge k9 sent him so that I could maybe debunk it so that I wouldn't get banned or just learn from that clip to not do that in the future, in which the admin said to dm him on discord so that he could send me the clips, in which after I texted him as soon as I tabbed back into gmod I got banned and he never sent me the clips, I even asked him to send it after I got banned but he still hasn't sent them in an hour and I want to see them so that I can properly understand my ban.
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