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  1. i made a suggestion for this too in one of my earlier dumps, and so did someone prior, so obviously i'm gonna be +1 to that idea
  2. for me the issue is that it's not displaying the true results (pages and such) it said there was 3 pages even tho there was 21 an hour before i saw that... so yea its bugged in some form or fashion
  3. i think nerfing c4 would be a poor choice. you're essentially removing any sort of distinction between titsrp and other servers (in regards to raiding) just build a base more receptive to attacks in multiple directions. a straight door pathway is a quick way to get blown up
  4. that's actually super fucking smart, idk exactly if it would help too much with how hard it is to win revolts but I am an advocate for improving police RP because this servers cop gameplay rivals fucking police RP servers. i think as a cop inherantly you should serve and protect whenever is needed even if that includes having to wait longer. if defending the mayor is too hard/boring then why shouldn't you try to defend against your leader and all the laws you swear to uphold being at risk.. it seems like that if cops can just do their own thing instead of helping the mayor it's kinda dumb. however, i think maybe instead of an OPT out what could happen is that the mayor could pay money to cower in fear away from the rebellion, which is sorta like mafia demands but there could be say, a 50k prompt for the mayor to give to the revolt leader which ends the revolt but makes the mayor have a guaranteed demotion date from his job in like 15 mins after its accepted? earlier time? it's sorta complicated but i think this could work. this should be a given +1 ye np
  5. 1. chainsaws and jackhammers, borrowed from rust would be nice considering the meta right now is using last weapon used to hit fast, and this is both inconsistent and tiring to my poor fingers... possibly expensive and cant be inventoried? idk. you could also make them in lootboxes only obtainable.. 2. hobo much like shipwreck diver i think should have the option to discard all trash, some people play hobo just for the incredibly high xp u get from dumpster diving and not for the trash items. ( I just noticed someone else made that usggestion, sorry fo taking it i guess we had the same idea 3, you should be able to move the party hud around, or disable it all together. you can make preset locations to snap to, that's just as fine. but rn its super annoying that it blocks things like seeing your active talis and chat, i had another reaosn but i forgot it. 4. last but not least, for people who like to fish, it would be really cool if you were able to buy (off the suga shop) something that made fishing circles spawn more often, or include it as part of something else 5. To add on to suggestion 1, I think it would be cool if enchanting things like C4 caused their area of effect to increase, and enchanting tools made them chop faster (if adding jackhammers and chainsaws) wouldn't work well.
  6. 1. i think lightning quests should at least have a chance to count for a single quest coin, i'll often do some really tedious shit and then not even be given one. it would only make sense. i feel like guaranteed to obtain one could be pretty OP but this is a good middleground 2. for police there should be like a bounty hud that you can toggle, because people talking in chat can clog up and if you are trying to make arrests for bounties, it makes it hard to remember. idk how hard this could be to implement but i assume it isn't too hard.
  7. i think this could be cool if it was only useable one time.
  8. I think if there were two stoves and this change was implemented it could fix all of the issues with the job. it isn't really "easy" it's just simple. there isn't as many steps but those steps are painstaking.
  9. I think the easy meth cook creation of crystalized iodine is a littlebit annoying. It takes so long to put the chemicals in, and you can't just cheese it by putting em all together because there's a limit. my suggestion is something i saw on another darkrp server, where that meth job had little buttons on the basic jars that allowed adding the ingredients, also for the regular non special pots.
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