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  1. I feel like the most annoying part of the meth cook job is not having a spot in your base for your gas pipe for ventilation, or that a teammate put it in a dumb spot so now you take rad damage in that spot. I was told that the gas mask in the cosmetic shop actually works. However the price of the mask is too expensive for me to test that based on a hunch. I honestly think however that the meth cooks should be able to either get or buy a 1 life use gas mask to lower/remove gas damage As well as (to make it fair) give any anti drug CP jobs to get it to make the job more popular and useable
  2. I know my credibility might be extremely low (considering my username is in the ticket) but I was playing yesterday and there were people convincing others to kill sharks, and said that it’s allowed to newer players. While I also do agree that the rules should have been read. There are jobs that allow kos. (Sewer monster for example) He probably just assumed a shark was too. I honestly think it was a mistake.
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