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    Favoritism in sit

    "I was told that you made a base with someone elses base inside of it, care to explain exactly how the base was set up?" I was not yet down building the base so I was not set up that way. My plan was to have two guard like towers on either side. In the moment of me being pulled I was actually moving some props down so there was enough clearance from the bridge ahead. In terms of the megabase. Are you saying owning multiple doors in the area will make it a mega base and that is not allowed? Or are you saying if I had owned multiple doors in the area it would have been mega basing and against the rules?
  2. Binkzy

    Favoritism in sit

    I was the preacher. The other two were Cultists
  3. Binkzy

    Favoritism in sit

    No building was claimed. Not base. The base was being built. We were sky basing so we did not find a need to claim the buildings that our base was next to.
  4. Binkzy

    Favoritism in sit

    Welcome Back. Below I have pointed out why I am still failing to see the realization you came to with these accusations. "Megabasing and Minging" We already established that my party size was adequate for the size of my base. As you also stated about the other party's base was. My base was in no way affecting the other players bases apart from "...the material that was causing some client lag.". The only way for his base to be interfered by mine was for him to start building downward. This was not the case for his base created a bridge between two buildings and nothing more. If he were to expand his base it would dip into the realm of sky-Basing. As what I was doing with my party. The lag issue was resolved by you changing the material only a few moments after you bringing up that fact. You also failed to mention it was client side lag. You said only "Lag". "You set up a party and told me after the fact and made a sit about it,..." This would be true apart from the party was originally made before the original sit was called. I only realized after the fact when my party member brought up the fact of our size. "...but your base contained multiple buildings..." This is a false statement. My base was down the main road towards PD. No building was claimed by me or my party members. In fact my base was not yet done being built for you to see this. This 3rd argument has been resolved "So first off about the plain rudeness: When was I rude in this sit? Apart from me responding with "That's too bad isn't it?"" It also derived from that fact of you deleting my base before the sit was complete as well as not allowing me the chance to change the material on my wall moments before you deleting my base. In terms of the favoritism towards turkey: At no point did I hear or see you address him about his false claim of prop blocking. You instead added on to what was "wrong" in a dead set motion to disturb my time. In the terms of loop-holing I would agree that what I was doing would be loop-holing if I had broken any rules about it. But I was still well within all the guidelines. My base did not interfere with his. I was still building my base. If he had plans to branch off his base in any way for my base then to be interfering he would then be sky-basing which would not have been allowed with his party constraints. I hope this will show you why I believe you are in the wrong in this situation. Or at the very least legitimate light would be shed to myself on how I am wrong in this situation apart from it seeming "Staff have the final say in sits,..." bc they say so and not due to them having legitimate cause and rules to back up their arguments.
  5. I was in a sit due to me being reported for prop blocking. Apon entering the sit at my base Koda asked why. I asked where I was prop blocking they were un able to show me where. Then the rule switched to why I was mega basing. I explained I have a party of 3 and they are all kidnappers. My base is smaller than most perma propped buildings on the map. Then the sit switched to why I was being a minge. At no part did Koda cite an actual rule I broke or give me a reason as to why they deleted my base. Also in no aspect off the sit did they ever bring up the other party involved which was TurkeyJuiceX STEAM_0:0:116421847. So I am making this complaint due to just the plain rudeness and the obvious favoritism in this sit as well the most important infringement a lack of any rule I have actually broke. Koda is not fit to be a senior Mod let alone a staff member.
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