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  1. You start to say it in the video then say “Oh I can’t say that” then use the word “frigget”. It’s an obvious loop hole, he says he even warned you to stop staying it and you kept going. It’s a day ban, it was tyz call -1 on punishment for tyz, -1 for ban reduction or removal
  2. With lack of evidence and the user reporting has requested it be closed DENIED
  3. Does not seem like you put a lot of effort into it, "I've changed" is not enough for me. Glad Jay spoke up, the person you did it to is still around, he does not want you back either. Could of been way more serious and glad jay was on his phone when he opened it -1 on unban
  4. No remorse, does not care at all +1 for punishment
  5. Zoop Loop

    carr0t report.

    Cut and clear +1 for vote restriction
  6. Seems like a understandable situation, he was messing around, you damaged him first, he killed you. If you came back to see him raiding your base, that’s NLR but I’m not seeing the entire story. What did you report smelly for? RDM? There’s not really a scenario to even report smelly in this situation. As far as I know and what i see, xiers and smelly are not friends and it was just a normal sit. As people have said, stepping into someone’s base is considered a raid and killable but you failed to kill. If you have more information on the situation or evidence I’d love to hear but for now I’m: -1
  7. -1 on unban, work on self control friend. All this over 1 warn, should of taken coba's advice
  8. You admitted to calling the other player names, being a nuisance. I stand with blue, no reason to keep you in the sit if you are calling the player other names and not even letting the mod get a word in. Also the other player got a verbal warning as well, not like it would of made it a one sided sit if he did not give a verbal. Blue handled the situation well and remained unbiased throughout even after you were calling the other player names. me personally, would of gigamuted and let you calm down and still listen to what was going to happen but that’s me, blue still did the right thing and did it his way -1 for a punishment
  9. Goat admitted and wants to take a punishment to put this to a close. I suggest a verbal. Says staff told him it was ok, he had no clue it was really not allowed. Just a misunderstanding +1 for verbal warning for prop block
  10. Zoop Loop


    You threaten a player to the point of the player being scared and wanting legal action. Shows you did not stop and did not see what you were doing was wrong. I think I’d be down for a reduction but you are going to be on a final warning. Please take the 6 months from the server and learn to control your emotions. If the player steps forward and is still around, I’d have to change my vote but for now: +1 for reduction to 6m -1 for unban
  11. Honestly not sure what you did and not much information given. Toosi is vouching for you and says you are cool. Also, it has been 2 years. I am +1 for unban
  12. You have one day playtime on the server, 2 massrdm bans, 9 warns. There should be around 2 days left on your ban. Unless you have evidence saying you did not massrdm, I am -1 for unban
  13. Tyz story sounds pretty honest and real. Warn seems valid and you got banned because you have 25 active warns. -1 for unban/warn removal
  14. Evidence is pretty clean and cut, he said your name and the action. inappropriate comment and not a funny joke if it is considered one. Do not need to make people in this community uncomfortable. He has prior history and pushes the limits anyway he can. I am +1 for a ban
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