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  1. half of you need to start playing video games that are less then 10 years old like dam
  2. I think SK is annoying enough, I mean by the time you see the color they just hit you.
  3. Good ideas I think bank guard needed a revamp since there is almost no incentive for them to guard the bank except a small amount of exp.
  4. But have you considered calling it doge coin miners?
  5. I want them to rename them to doge coin miners mainly, but they could use a huge buff like upgrades you can purchase like printers would be nice could even have them use power like printers, but the income would be nice to be buffed more then 1250 tho maybe like a pool similar to drugs like 5k-10k prices
  6. I like the idea of rotating leader board alot and fuck you unbox is fine
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