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  1. It's the exact same thing. I posted an image of something that somebody else said. It also shows a lot that you have to warn me for disagreeing with you and then close a report against you on your own. Pretty pathetic, you can't even solve things with words and seem to lack any capacity for critical thinking.
  2. So you have no response, despite doing the exact same thing I did? If I'm the dumbest person to ever play here then what exactly does that make you?
  3. In fact, that's just what I'll do. Defend your actions.
  4. Ok, so you posted the same thing that I just showed.. You are as slow as you look cobaselic. If I was trying to be inflammatory, I would have been. What the bot sent me gives me no indication that what I posted was against the rules. Did I say the n word? No. Did I call Chadwick the N word? No. I literally posted a screenshot of an online discussion. By your logic I could screenshot the fact that you just linked it and use that against you. Can you get any more obtuse?
  5. So I don't raid too often on this server, but when I do 4/5 bases I end up at are fail bases or bases with building signs up that very clearly have printers inside. I'd like to suggest a process where once somebody is done building their base, they have to make an admin report saying "inspect my base". Once the base has been inspected and confirmed not to break any rules the staff member will remove the building sign for them and allow them to begin placing down valuables. I feel like this is a pretty small rule change that would greatly improve the player experience for basing. Obviously this would only be required for bases with a higher number of props/area so that people don't have to make a report every time they buy a door for a little throwaway base in the sewers.
  6. Solo basing is very difficult. Even the best bases will go down to a 4 man CC squad with unlimited C4. The best place to base is inside the kingdom because it is the ONLY location where once they have entered, you can prevent them from leaving until the raid is over. The biggest problem with any base is that your defences can easily be destroyed by somebody running in with c4/material grenades, placing them, and running back out the door. In the kingdom, you can place a fading door on one side of the kingdom portal and encase the spawn area with your base. This is the only place where you will get a fair chance against people who decide to blow your shit up and run away. This can also be defeated by using a sacrificial lamb to place C4 before the rest of the group charges in. Basing in general is very difficult, especially solo because raiding tools are overpowered as hell. Don't assume somebody wont spend 1+mil to raid your base with 100k of valuables inside either. Most people on this server have more money than sense. They don't raid for profit, they raid because they want to feel like they are better than you at the game. For weapons, stick to the overpowered stuff. If you can get a legendary and a safe position to use it from, go for it. If not, use the AS VAL and a double pump shotgun combo.
  7. >however my most favorite part of titsrp is just messing with people And this is exactly why your entire post has 0 ground to stand on. 12 year old dumbass who just wants to make the game unfun for other players.
  8. RTX 2070 Super Ryzen 3700x 16gb DDR4 3600Mhz RAM 1920x1080 144hz
  9. Yeah I did a visible double take in the vid lmao. I was just looking through the rest of the building to see if any entities were down despite the building sign.
  10. "Do not incite other players to break the rules" is already a thing but I'm not sure if this would fall under that category
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