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Your In-Game Name:


Your Steam ID:


Who are you reporting?:

[AU] Unruly 509th / STEAM_0:0:192751622

Why are you reporting this player?:

I'm reporting this player because he was getting voteban by Cock Asian Male for PD raiding as a bounty Hunter, he said the hard r and said he hated blacks before he got banned. I have evidence to show

Do you have evidence related to this incident?:


Relevant Info:


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Do you have anymore logs / proof for the "raiding pd as a bounty hunter"


 This would be much helpful so i'll leave this thread open if you have any proof to submit for the raiding pd part.

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You could always ask the person who vote banned said player to find some logs or if he has video proof if he is still on.

It would be much appreciated if you could find some type of evidence. 

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Accepted once again 


player will be banned for 7 days {Mrdm / Racism }


Thank you for your cooperation 

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