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  1. You can take me off that list lol, i gave everything away
  2. Captain Corn#7341
  3. you didn't even bother asking me why i was shooting at Chesmond, then during the sit you tried to excuse yourself by saying you saw me kill someone else before??
  4. So I spend most of the time on the server gambling, and now that roulette's been removed I find myself not knowing what to do. I was thinking instead of recoding the roulette or whatever, we could just add a Blackjack table. In blackjack there's no way you can win 36x your bet, the max amount you can win i believe is 4x if you double down. the max limit can either stay at 1 mill or drop to 500k so it won't be much of a money maker. I'm open to any other gambling suggestions as well.
  5. because you pulled a gun out the moment you fell, i had no intention in killing you but you decided to chase me all the way down to where i went. If you'd have killed me i'd bet you would've not made a sit at all which is why im saying you did it out of anger rather than in handling it in a more professional matter, you were as toxic as me throughout the sit. Again if another staff would've handled it in-game rather than you taking your own sit, I would not be making this appeal and be arguing pointlessly with you.
  6. because you were lmao, I accepted i was in the wrong during the sit and told you you could've warned me for it, but then you decided to pull out these crazy numbers of people i ardmed without knowing any other info other than logs, I think it's dumb staff are able to take their own sits cos then shit like this happens.
  7. (point asside) you missing the fact he hits me with the crowbar as well
  8. if you had not called me retarded i would've took the sit more seriously, i would've preferred another staff to take the sit, you could've handled it alot better than you did
  9. 1) there was no sit (from other people) prior Cobaselic bringing me 2) (Again) I'd heal them right after so i don't see why they'd complain. Cobaselic didn't bother investigating this and just assumed his situation was just like every other person's in the damage logs. Cobaselic made it seem like i used an sbc cannon in public by the way he handled his sit and ban description. i feel like the ban is a bit harsh on the severity of what i did.
  10. I was goofing around with them but like i said i would heal them right after, so they didn't really have an issue with it. Cobaselic walked through with a boombox in that fountain area where i was using my suitcase so i used it on him and he starts chasing me trying to kill me. I can be killed with the model btw but think you need like a shotgun since the hitbox is really small. I would heal them right after tho?? No one had complained about it either. I was just trying to use the suitcase i had just bought from CC editor as it's fun to use.
  11. Your Steam Name: Killspree Your in-game name: Captain Corn Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:41771725 Why were you warned/banned?: AMRDM Why should you be unwarned/unbanned? : I was using my suitcase on people and would heal them after because the suitcase does 1 dmg apparently, as far as i know they hadn't reported me for ARDM, Cobaselic decided to act after i used the suitcase on him and he tried killing me for it and killed him right after. After i killed him he asked me if i was retarded, which i don't think is a way of staff to react, I believe he decided to ban me out of spite of me killing and insulting him after he decided to insult me, as no one else had complained before him. He didn't bother investigating any further with the people I had used the suitcase on either. Who warned/banned you and for how long?: Cobaselic McStubbins / 7 days Evidence: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2025361575 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2025362847 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2025361854 My apologies for not recording, i was only able to take screenshots from the sit after i killed him
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