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  1. I think the 3 day ban should stay, it didn’t seem like you were just joking when you said it the way you did. So I’m just gonna go ahead and deny this appeal please refrain from saying these things in the future.
  2. The law that was placed was a fail law, and since you were new you might've not known it at the time. However you did kill a bunch of people so I think the ban should stay but reduced. +1 for ban reduction
  3. Raided kingdom twice without adverting, and broke nlr. +1 for punishment
  4. Like Jeff has already said, many players do remove their dupes before actually reaching their base. Now this of course still isn’t allowed, which is why the player was punished with a verbal. A verbal was given because this was the players first FailRP warn related to basing. Now I can understand your frustration in this situation, but there’s really no way to tell if it was an intentional or not even with the evidence provided. So I went with the concrete evidence and warned him accordingly.
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