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  1. you both have logs right look it up for your self shouldn't be that hard to find since it was the last thing that i did, and this is also the thing Walter you never know what happen and are never apart of the situations, you come on to pick a fence and start arguing on something you did not witness nor where involved with and do not deny because I see it on many other fourms you comment on and including the past ones that you said you had evidence too but did not show any just was there to throw wood into a fire
  2. It was "Big Black Monkey Dick penetrating a anime girl pussy" used when i got giga but was not used again after giga
  3. there still was never a sit made and other people were spamming the same thing and as it does say (you will be warned then kicked / banned) i think you missed that he took it in his own hands instead of doing warn first like how it should be delt with and it wasn't that bad, one man was saying worse and only got a gigamute
  4. no im not im asking for abstergo to follow up on what happend, and if you have that info plz ss it, your more making up stuff then showing proof of the situation to help it out im kindly asking for just a explanation, and less of a argument that all of you people commenting are doing
  5. as i have been saying i am waiting for abstergo to respond so he can tell me what happend, beacuse as clearly stated in this fourm " the big reason is i want to see proof and what happend at the situation beacuse for all we know it could be him jumping in the way and me accidentally killing him without knowing" it is very easy to break to system and jump have someone accidentaly rdm you then use it as a way for them to get in trouble, if you want me to prove it ill make a youtube video showing all the tings you could do with titsrp and its low trained staff
  6. many ways thats why theres a tits rp discord, and one question i have for you is you always pick a fence and attack people you disagree with on the fourms? you seem to do it alot
  7. thats because nothing really did, ive been going off and on to finish a dupe im making and then i come back to test the dupe again this ban happend saying i rdm and ltap, and im also doing this to find out what happend beacuse abstergo did not inform me on this
  8. Fuel you know i said many times im making a dupe that was almost complete, the fact that you started deleting something that i said im almost done making and using unnecessary actions i have another admin saying it as well, i didnt have to be a preacher since it isnt technically a sky base its from a roof point . you found it as a moment to come over and start being a smart ass like all the other times and other videos ive seen of you doing the exact same thing to people in differ gangs then you and one reason why i find it not surprising that you pulled something like that, you knew it was gonna stew shit so you did just like all the other times now a Unban seems very fair in this situation also on the part that you want to delete something that wasnt gonna be there for much longer but for what also took me time to build, and more situations like this just are shining more light on the admin community and how it has been going down hill due to staff like you that dont even know the full rules and says the n word but then ban people for it or encourage people to break rules and then ban them so you look like the good guy
  9. plz provide further evidence it will help alot
  10. not even the video is right there if you would actually watch it
  11. I was building a dupe that was taking me forever, i had been building ever since server reset and had to deal with many problems causing me to slow down the progress on it like being rdm a few and kidnapped by the same kid who been minging me but back to topic when im finally almost about to finish dupe, Fuel comes outta nowhere jumps on and starts saying its sky basing and it needs to be taken down since im not a preacher i told him it differs due to that little spot above pd with the tiny roof area since its been a spot for alot of dupes i see every now and then and also i need the jump swept to jump back and forth so im not prop building and breaking rules to say , i told him ill switch once im done building since i wouldn't be on once finished with it loll and that he needs to just stop bitching and being an ass about it almost bc its not really a big deal just building a quick dupe that i was gonna use later on. but then he gets mad and says hes deleting because im not complying, so since he was deleting the bridge and dupe i was making i decided to rdm him, not a smart move but what you gonna do when someone is deleting something that took you awhile to place right, those fucking bridges took me a long ass time to form just right and thats the main thing that pissed me off, but then he comes back and starts deleting again so i rdm him again beacuse at that point i didnt care he was deleting something that i was litterly so close to finishing, https://streamable.com/dwti2f Here is video of it
  12. and in the video it shows i wasnt raiding i was watching so rewatch and educate yourself sir

    1. Blue.


      Definition of Raiding: Having the intent to invade another person's home. Whether you're being harmful or not, trespassing someone else's house should be considered a raid

      Educate yourself on the rules 

      (i just saw this btw)

  13. Thank you for proving my point on yall being apart of cancel culture you libtard fucks, ur silencing me bc i was telling him facts and yall dont wanna hear it and in a way i see you guys picking fences too witch is expected from a lot of corrupt staff



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    2. Dan Mcstubbins

      Dan Mcstubbins

      Why bring politics on a gmod server bruh. Keep it out. We're just making sure that it doesn't turn into a shitshow, like cmon 

    3. Raoul Duke

      Raoul Duke

      you are the one doing it by just ending a fourm just bc i told the dude the truth, it was still active until your felling got hurt as wells as it seems

    4. Dan Mcstubbins

      Dan Mcstubbins

      We ended it because you were blatantly insulting staff and attempting to cause drama 

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