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  1. It was basically the only thing people gambled on, and I see no reason to why it was removed.
  2. Bug Description: The Umbrella Shotgun, despite having 5 shecks due to being a pump shotgun reskin, can fire up to 6-8 How to reproduce: fire the weapon. I have tested the weapon, emptying about 30 "mags" After firing it about 10 times, the rest became 5 or 6 shots per "mag" Priority: Medium probably
  3. Silver. I know you regret what you did. However, I must do my job as staff and ban you for it. I really hope there are no hard feelings, and I hope that you are more careful next time. Appeal Denied
  4. If you wanted to keep playing you shouldn't have tried to crash the server -1
  5. Wrench

    Ban appeal

    1. I never said I don't care about your immersion 2. I did actually tell you when you were getting banned Lying doesn't get you very far, dude. You should have figured that out during the sit when you were making different excuses for why you did what you did.
  6. Wrench


    I think throwing slams and spawning props, even after you were told to stop, counts as minging in sit. Also, your multiple excuses weren't enough to convince me to not ban you.
  7. Wrench


    Kidnapping, recently, has become unfun for anyone with a custom class. idk if forum posts were made about this before, but I want to suggest lowering the timer to 2-3 minutes so it can be fun again, something to actually fill up your day, other than something you do every now and then when you're messing around with friends or someones being annoying
  8. can something be done about the Judy Hopps model? this thing as small as fuck and if I've heard correctly its allowed to raid. this is wayyyyyy too small for a cop model, can we get the owner to replace it with a different model pl0x? Sincerely, Wrench Edit: my retarded ass spelled cop wrong
  9. I will RDM you you hecker ! :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:
  10. If theres no evidence theres nothing anyone can do about it lol tough luck ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  11. sewer area has the best bases by far, I would take a look around yourself an see what you like.
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