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  1. Gotcha thanks for clearing that up I thought this mans was running around just dropping the gamer word for fun
  2. So a few of us were just vibing out on one of the roofs when JaQuavis drops the hard r and then talks about how its allowed after we tell him he can't be saying that. Lewdtastic was one of the people on the roof so I go over to him and say something to the extent of, "yo bro are you just gonna let him get away with saying that?". He replied in text chat with this so I came to the forums to submit a report instead.
  3. For context, I was in kingdom for a bit using the harvest zone to grow weed before pro20blackoutz became king. I noticed he had started adding laws so I thought "alright I'm just gonna finish growing this then I'll get out of here". After he added a KOS law, two people came in which he proceeded to shoot at and killed one. Meanwhile, I was hiding by the fuel tank next to harvest zone trying to equip a gun incase he came over to me. Eventually he made his way over to the plants where I was at and I gunned him down trying to take my plants. I began collecting them when he came back a second time so I had killed him again. After all that was said and done, we got brought to a sit and Lean had explained to me that although I didn't RDM him due to the law he had made, I did fail rp when I took the plants because it was considered a raid at that point since they belonged to him once in his kingdom. I admitted that I was wrong for that and he proceeded to warn me. Now this is where I don't agree. Just a few days ago I called a sit on someone who RDMed me but since he hadn't been warned in 20 something days, he had gotten a verbal warning for it. The last time I was warned was over 2 years ago so I'm wondering why the same concept doesn't apply to me? If my warn isn't appealed I'm 100% fine with that I just want to know why these situations were handled differently. Screenshot of my warns. https://ibb.co/H4RDRz6
  4. Ingame name: THIEF Steam profile: https://steamcommunity.com/id/callmethief/ Previous gangs: Spartans Hours played: 1000+ Hours played past week: 15-16 Gametracker score: Cant Find It Age: 19 What can you provide regarding raids: Heals, Entry Devices, Smoke and Explosive Grenades, Plenty of Weapons What can you provide regarding basing: Good Base Layouts, Good Dupes, Good Security Do you use a mic: Yes What is your favorite food: Tacos
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