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  1. Just give up reptilian i don't know why you want me banned so much i did nothing to you. The fact you are actually doing research to get me banned for something i didn't do is very very sad
  2. I also wanted to say something about the NLR. Billcat and Two-Time Tabernacker as they are known in game witnessed you rdming Nlring several times. This is what happened in the beginning, so I was planning on becoming a black market dealer and i was going through my shipments and dropped the AWP Asiimov by accident. Shortly after me trying to raid you and failing you sniped me and took my shipments.
  3. This is Bupis but my old user was Ducco. Anyways Reptilian control the government aka "Jewish alien" in game has hit a new low. He has photo shopped me saying i was gonna DDOS him. Now i do give him credit for making it look this believable. see the thing is i never even messaged him once on steam i was only talking to him in game. to be completely honest it doesn't even let me get to our messages in steam at the moment. I never tried getting to the messages in game so i wouldn't know. After he has accused me of "threatening to DDOS him" I looked at the "DDOS Threat" on forums and i tried to go to our messages and all it said was his past user names. I'm pretty sure he blocked me so it will not let me see our conversation that i never even started. I have never once achieved or tried to DDOS anyone. I hope you take my word for this but it is up to you admins.
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