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  1. best basing spots are places that have one entrance btw.
  2. I would really like bloods and crips to be able to kill each other. When I was staff I had to ban or warn many players for this... Just new players instantly think its war between them and they gun each other down instantly and have fun doing it. Most people that do mass rdm each other have fun doing it and don't complain.. soooo, really think it needs to be implemented.
  3. "May i add the player in question stated it was a misclick" yikes... Worse than just a rdm and owning up to it. Idk, I think saying to someone they only have 30 seconds or its not worth their time is not only unreasonable but also just shows how little he cares/cared. Sure, the other 2 players didn't really "care" but how is it not worth to look at to see how the player rdmed and what he was doing.. I think all videos or evidence should be looked at or taken into consideration if provided. If you didn't wanna wait for it to upload and render, fine.. but could you not just tell the player they can PM you it later or say we will continue the sit when the video is done? Not sharing screens on discord I think is fine if you're uncomfortable with it.. but not wanting to wait the time to see the video seems odd to me. EVEN if you thought you "knew" that it wouldn't be anything extra you never know. We encourage players to record for a reason... EDIT: The main reason I don't like this is because the staff did offer to look.. but only if they could do it in 30 seconds.
  4. If we are going to make ziggs not be able to go away when shot I'd like to also see no fall dmg plz. <3 I agree with both
  5. Bug Description: Quick farm talisman is broken. When it auto harvest a wood it only goes in a stack of one in your inventory and it wont stack. So you end up with your inventory full of 1x wood in each slot. Also if you fill your inventory it will just start to delete the wood. How to reproduce: Chop trees with quick farm Priority: Medium
  6. Can there be something in here about people basing? When I was a staff I got questions and complaints and sits all the time about cops not being allowed to base or hitman not being allowed to base and so on.
  7. Jawson

    C4 Exploit

    huh, how have you just noticed this? This has been a thing forever. EDIT: Also, they kinda need to be like this with the massive bases now.
  8. "I'll start off with the realism part." Huh? IRL people don't respawn. Why would you be able to NLR and make it basically impossible to raid PD. That's super scuffed... The only reason anyone would actually want this idea is cuz they are a cop main getting tilted that they died so they want revenge. Yikes
  9. why not put the song in the beginning so we can listen while reading... smh anyways a lot of people like playing with you and that makes the community more happy/feel better. Think it's only right to get another chance... ALSO, I'm not sure about it but reading above apparently others got unbanned for this? Why would you not be unbanned then... +1 mate
  10. If it's been 2 years, you should get another chance. You waited a long time to appeal.
  11. Jawson


    lol... "accident" btw. You actually just started chasing him down to kill him. EDIT: Also, he didn't even swing at you until u hit him.. Standing still with a bludgeon out is not KOS.
  12. Jawson


    lol. You claimed in the sit you were running around bhopping and that you accidentally stabbed me which was completely untrue. You ran past me, turned around and looked at me then charged me and repeatedly stabbed me. You were banned for lying and intentional rdm, ill upload the video shorty if time allows. I wouldnt be surprised if you were banned for longer for making a false ban appeal. https://youtu.be/ujKrnpZ5cCg the video doesn't work mate
  13. This won't be added lol. Hacker job needs to be unique or it just wont be played.
  14. huh? How is this sugars decision. This should be an admins decision lol. He got demoted and had vip before staff, why should he lose vip still.
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