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  1. ooooooooooooooooooooh I think thats the whole fucking point dawg
  2. are you 100% sure like do u got screenshots bc tbh it seems like your just trying to get free lootboxes
  3. good Idea ima gooing to have to give this a -1
  4. This is why humans are terrible creatures Conflict and Violence: Throughout history, humans have engaged in wars, conflicts, and acts of violence that have caused immense suffering and loss of life. These actions can lead some to view humans as terrible due to the harm caused by these behaviors. Inequality and Oppression: Human history is marked by various forms of discrimination, oppression, and inequality based on factors such as race, gender, religion, or socioeconomic status. These systemic issues can be seen as evidence of humans' capacity for cruelty and injustice. Environmental Impact: Humans have had a significant impact on the environment, often resulting in deforestation, pollution, species extinction, and climate change. Some perceive this as evidence of humans' disregard for the well-being of the planet and other species. Individual Actions: Instances of harmful behavior committed by individuals can contribute to the perception that humans are terrible. Acts of cruelty, selfishness, or unethical behavior can reinforce this viewpoint. Media Portrayal: The media often highlights negative aspects of human behavior, focusing on crime, corruption, and sensationalized events. This emphasis can shape public perception and reinforce the idea that humans are inherently terrible.
  5. Its also men's mental heath month
  6. I believe you issue pee pee poo poo is that I might not know how to bind stuff bc you can just bind a thing that does !addlaw jay walking aos/5k fine use crosswalks hug walls that would fix your problem I dont believe this would be added realistically bc some mayors are not as good as you and dont want the jay walk law hope this helped you to understand that you could just get a bind
  7. I never said you disagreed with it or acted like it I was just helping you understand you acted as if we did not know why it was added also you said (how do u think it should be changed which avoids all the negatives of the old system but allows the party member to defend a base they aren't on the doors of ) that's why I replied bc you asked also if your talking abt you first thing that I replied to you abt I was just trying to help you better understand - the rule was mainly put in place to avoid the confusion/abuse of party assists and random party members coming to defend a base that they didn't own (they would own a base elsewhere and still be allowed to defend their party members base in a different location) this was why I thought you where talking abt the water fall base sorry if I was wrong
  8. since your confused by it (you have to be inside of the water fall) you have to be threw the water fall to defend it
  9. (you have to be inside of the water fall) I think this would be a easy fix
  10. we know why it was added but we think it should be changed
  11. I have fallen victim to the "Must be behind dupe in order to defend waterfall base" rule I dont think it should be removed but I think it should be altered to that you have to be inside of the water fall or something along the lines of that so I personally would love this being added getting a warn verbal and or ban for this would be very frustrating because at that point if you leave your base and come back to defend all you can do is watch witch I'm not gonna call dumb but I would like you to see how this would be a Couse of issue about the garage door issue that's just a thing that should non arguably be changed I would also like to add to the water fall situation I be leave that that one door way area should just have a garage door (PS I have no clue how easy or hard it would be to add this) thank you for the time
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