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  1. Avorius

    discord appeal

    @dokerzIf you could provide your discord name떨, that would be helpful in finding what you were banned or kicked for!
  2. @Linus Deez nuts Please add some evidence! (Warning staff member has been notified of appeal)
  3. Alt accounts stay perma banned if your main is banned, no questions asked. Â DENIED
  4. This appeal is a shitpost on a level I've never seen before, if you want to appeal a perma ban you gotta put effort and ACTUAL sincerity into it, not just make a shitpost, as we have never accepted those appeals before and never will. Â -1 in comic sans
  5. Normally we instantly ban people for saying/doing anything related to paedophilia (i.e. Lolis in the context you used) for a month or longer, you're getting a much better deal here. Take it. Â -1 on Unban
  6. Avorius

    perma ban

    Based on the screens-  Not even going to even attempt to rationalise any of this  -1
  7. One thing I'd like to see in the current map is that basement level in the farmhouse over at the mats area
  8. Avorius


    I 100% agree with Sharky here, threatening to dox someone to the point where they feel legitimate fear is unacceptable.  -1 on unban | Neutral on ban reductionÂ
  9. s̷̳̹̟͎̃̀͝eÌ·ÍÌ”Í€ÌŠÍ Ì˜nÌ·Í„Í”Ì d̴̢̯̰̺̹͎̒̋ ̶̮̟̟̹̓̆̈́̒͜͝hÌµÌƒÍ ÌÌ›Ì‹Ì…Ì®Ì¬Ì°Ì±i̸̡͉̦͕̓m̴̖̍́̒͑͘ ̶̭̙̓̂̿̚̚ţ̵̤̦̺́̂̌̚oÌ´ÌˆÌ›ÌˆÍ ÍƒÌ£Í™Ì Í” ̷̱̹̘͗̉̉b̴͖̞͖̲̘̓̓̀̂͘ṛ̶̨͓̦̜̋̇͜a̷̻̗̤̮̻͛̃́ž̶̧̪̲̺͔̽͑̅̍̄í̴͔͚̦̱̥͖̃ľ̶̝̓͑
  10. I have noticed this myself whenever I play as Myers. I tend to just stay away from people who default to under 75hp as I'd be killing them all day
  11. I agree with both Blue and Zucc have said here, you really shouldn't have been warned for a simple mistake. Â
  12. I think this would be a lovely idea! As far as I know something similar like this is already done, in instances like the warn from the E menu, and when a master stalker is stalking someone.
  13. IGN: DrHarmacist Discord: Avorius#6114 Favourite Candy: Brownies (Both types)
  14. Avorius


    From those snippets of logs, I do tend to agree with the other staff members here. Â Â __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ -1 for Unban
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