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  1. Normally we instantly ban people for saying/doing anything related to paedophilia (i.e. Lolis in the context you used) for a month or longer, you're getting a much better deal here. Take it. -1 on Unban
  2. Avorius

    perma ban

    Based on the screens- Not even going to even attempt to rationalise any of this -1
  3. One thing I'd like to see in the current map is that basement level in the farmhouse over at the mats area
  4. Avorius


    I 100% agree with Sharky here, threatening to dox someone to the point where they feel legitimate fear is unacceptable. -1 on unban | Neutral on ban reduction
  5. s̷̳̹̟͎̃̀͝e̷̘̔̀̊͝͠n̷͔̠̈́d̴̢̯̰̺̹͎̒̋ ̶̮̟̟̹̓̆̈́̒͜͝ḫ̵̛̬̰̱̃̍̋̅͠i̸̡͉̦͕̓m̴̖̍́̒͑͘ ̶̭̙̓̂̿̚̚ţ̵̤̦̺́̂̌̚ợ̴͙̠͔̈̈̓͠ ̷̱̹̘͗̉̉b̴͖̞͖̲̘̓̓̀̂͘ṛ̶̨͓̦̜̋̇͜a̷̻̗̤̮̻͛̃́ž̶̧̪̲̺͔̽͑̅̍̄í̴͔͚̦̱̥͖̃ľ̶̝̓͑
  6. I have noticed this myself whenever I play as Myers. I tend to just stay away from people who default to under 75hp as I'd be killing them all day
  7. I agree with both Blue and Zucc have said here, you really shouldn't have been warned for a simple mistake. +1
  8. I think this would be a lovely idea! As far as I know something similar like this is already done, in instances like the warn from the E menu, and when a master stalker is stalking someone.
  9. IGN: DrHarmacist Discord: Avorius#6114 Favourite Candy: Brownies (Both types)
  10. Avorius


    From those snippets of logs, I do tend to agree with the other staff members here. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ -1 for Unban
  11. Avorius

    Ban Appeal

    If I felt more of a hint of effort went into this unban appeal, I'd be more considerate, but I see nothing of the sort here. Additionally, you did in fact break NLR multiple times, as this image shows. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ -1 for unban
  12. From the first few seconds I can see the guy was holding a gun, and was looking at the door, from Byonic's POV it could have been seen as the person was joining in on the raid
  13. Can confirm, screen was blurry and bugged on Byonic's end. Screenshots as proof:
  14. The evidence provided here is pretty concrete, so I'm inclined to agree with the other staff members here, with the added reduction of the ban to the 5 days. -1 for unban +1 for ban reduction
  15. You can go to this page: https://forums.titsrp.com/forum/13-moderator-applications/ When you're there click the 'Create New Topic' button and it will give you the form to fill out. Good luck with your application!
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