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  1. Also kotos just got on i have not even kill or damge 1 person while he was on? so how was i hacking?
  2. You forgot to add -bring back tokens for t2 crates
  3. there is a re roll for the crates already do !level to get the skill i dont see the point of this post
  4. Idk i'm not in a gang yet level 18 ingame/name babylegs can i join?
  5. i feel like there should be more ammo to buy then only 20 per then having to wait every 2/1 sec even with keybind
  6. Yep thats chesmond for you lmao *Its pretty funny what he rants about i remember one time how he was claiming how the jews killed jesus and some one reported him on the forums or ingame but he got banned for it*
  7. Bruh i know guys who play this game who over the age 18+ that use loli models that shit is gross. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tu8iF4gn36o&list=LLVidr9UYhVLXsMEcAN3Cdxw&index=9&t=0s *edited* I forgot my profile picture was three loli fml and the post that i just made _-_
  8. Shit idk about this one but i really don't like the ideal
  9. Soo... fucking true https://imgur.com/a/saUszT2 https://imgur.com/a/i3r8PoO
  10. This is why the jetpack so rare to unbox and cost so much ingame in my view there nothing wrong with the jetpack. -1 for change
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