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  1. The sewers, it’s near the exit with the grass and grow zones
  2. To be honest I haven’t seen the attached video and the reason I did started the vote ban was because I was with the bank manager and a group of other people and when he was banned everyone was scrambling to start a voteban for false votebanning and I got to it first.
  3. Most players get and lose 400k dollars every couple minutes and have a cc with almost every gun so man up and make some cash (I’m not being serious obviously)
  4. jesus bruh why do everyone i've votebanned come in here and just say half the story


    with kira daddy he was banned from that guy's shop


    with legal RDA he was NLRRDAing

  5. I'm not sure you understand, He was 'RDMing' you because you were Banned from the Bank he was Running.
  6. That's weird, I didn't have wemod, cheat engine or any other cheat program open. Unless i had something open that can be used to hack gmod that i don't know about (i don't know about gmod hacking so i wouldn't know)
  7. King_Krokodil


    I Really hope I Can get help with this since it'd be a damn shame to get banned for this long.
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