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  1. legal (2)


    fuck that nigga
  2. all your suggestions are shit, stop.
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  5. legal (2)

    Fuel report

    Also about the toxicity although i agree it was bad fuel never asked me to stop and if he did i would have. Not saying it was okay but still
  6. legal (2)

    Fuel report

    I wasnt expecting an answer? i was asking blue if what we were doing was aloud because the job description said otherwise and he told me that it was allowed. I just trusted A SMOD more than a MOD Also this whole situation can be compared to when you told people that Beach was a RDM zone and then a bunch of people started to MRDM (Not aloud). Those people were told by a STAFF MEMBER that that they could RDM on the beach (which they cant) but from my knowledge they were never punished. I was told by blue i could sit near the streets but i couldnt, if he told me he was wrong i wouldnt have done it, i dont think i should be punished for his mistake.
  7. legal (2)

    Fuel report

    There is no rule, but im pretty sure its recommended to ask a higher up before for an opinion, feel a bit unfair for the only people to be allowed to reply on my appeal was the person who banned me and the person who made the sit (which he shitpost) My look on it was that Blue is a Senior Moderator and Fuel is a Moderator which made me want to choose sides with blue here, also that i see every other terroist do the exact same thing without punishment. Not gonna deny this here i was toxic in the sit but it was out of rage as i thought i was about to be unfairly banned (and warned) at the time. i now understand what blue told me was wrong.
  8. legal (2)

    Fuel report

    Sorry bud ill PM every Smod next time i have a question about the server.
  9. legal (2)

    Fuel report

    sure this is true but i literally went up to blue when we were doing a terroist attack TOGETHER and asked him "Dont we have to be in public or atleast on the streets?" and he told me that we only had to be near the streets and not obviously hiding from people, which i see people do all the time so of course i believe the SMOD over the job desc, literally everyone does this. Am i not supposed to ask staff members questions?
  10. legal (2)

    Fuel report

    I was told by Blue that being near is okay which is why i did it. Its not that i didnt want to listen to you its that i was told by a higher rank than you that it was okay and i trusted them more. How am i supposed to know a SMOD made a mistake, I'd trust there word over a job description in my opinion, Rules can be updated but the server may have forgot to update the job description for all i know.
  11. legal (2)

    Fuel report

    I never said i recorded me starting the terroist attack if you read my appeal, I dont have a recording software i have a clipping software so not everything is recorded at all times. Never said that i broke failrp? i was denying it the whole time as i was told by Blue that being near the streets was allowed (he does this all the time so if it is failrp he should be warned also) For the guidelines he broke he literally let you shitpost on my forums appeal which for example i did i would have definitely gotten warning points, which you did not, he reacted to your post with a laughing emote. Im also pretty sure he is supposed to ask a Smod or higher if he can Deny my appeal which im also pretty sure he didnt, as he denied it minutes after it was posted. I dont know what being rude has to do with FailRP
  12. as someone who talks to florhn a decent amount i can confirm he's actually trying to better himself and he's actually sorry for the toxicity and the CC Scamming and MRDM was just out of rage. not staff but i think he should be given a second chance
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