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  1. I'm just trying to explain myself. I understand that I won't get the warn completely removed, I'm fine with that and it's deserved. Mistakes happen, sometimes they're punished. I just feel that calling me a liar is going too far. My explanation was poor. Kio said I was trying to imply that ICU was glitched, I never said that. I said that it highlighted the other player. Did it? Kind of, not exactly in the way I described, but the other player walked through that red highlighted bubble. They were caught in what I would consider crossfire, that is why I used that term. Kio was assigning that term to "He got in the way during my attempt to knowingly kill another player I was targetting." I was using the term in a way to say "I was confused that they walked through the ICU mark, and got caught up in my hit." It was my poor description of it. I think saying that I was intentionally lying to get out of it is one thing but I own up to the rdm part. That happened. The lying did not. I do not want it to negatively reflect me in sits in the future. That's my final take on the matter.
  2. I would only count this as crossfire because he got in the way of my hit, as I have stated. I thought he was my target, so I killed him. That is rdm but it was crossfire in the sense that he got caught up in my hit on someone else, even though I thought I was executing the hit properly.
  3. The only proof I have for this incident is other players who witnessed the events. Next time I will fully provide proof after I iron out my recording softwares kinks (crashed on me last night in the background, very unfortunately) and I did not "ltap" I just left. Jack responded on the server, it was less than an hour before server restart which is pretty dang late. I believe the proof can be seen in the screenshots he posted however, I was not seeking him out. It was the other way around. He kept running headlong into me to arrest/shoot/cuff/kill me. I never once moved from my position except to fire back or avoid fire. I appreciate your consideration of shortening the ban. I wish I could have been on there with you Isaac as we could have discussed this in person.
  4. Continuing to come back after dying is still NLR break and I should have been left alone on my pillar, not immediately shot from across the map when you walked out of spawn several times. Paste as many dlogs as you like, we both know I got the better of you most of the time because CCs have jump sweps, the ability to move around more freely and dodge, and retaliate to people coming down on them. The entirety of those logs would be several pages. I'm asking them to comb through logs, not you. You should have left me alone and stopped it at that. We both shouldn't have done what we did but do not act like you're either a victim or innocent. You're simply not. Since you're here though, what do you have to say about trapping me inside of props you spawned several times?
  5. I don't believe destroying your entities is very cool because you have to expend resources to gather other people's property and if you never come out on top then what's the point? I used 2 time bombs and several material grenades to break into this base for most of the loot to be destroyed? Not cool! People have been destroying their entities a lot more frequently and it's gotten to the point where I've installed software to record people do it. I'm not going to be lazy and allow people to get away with it any longer after I had to lift MY FINGERS to install software I didn't want. Sorry I couldn't provide his steam ID, this is my first post and I didn't know the requirements for reporting. He left the server by the time I made an account and I couldn't find him in recent players or community search. If I make another post this will be rectified. Thank you.
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