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  1. I did kick him out pretty harshly, but I had the right to do so as King. He complained very heavily in chat, saying something along the lines of "I'm going to go pout on a bench and do nothing since I can't farm" No proof, I don't screenshot chat unless it's a rulebreak. I've been absent for some scheduling changes, may be around this weekend though.
  2. Please explain how I was prop blocking? I had 2 fading doors at the back of my dupe (as always) but wouldn't let you in. That's not prop blocking. That's having a base.
  3. Well if Chimp has anything else to add, please do. Otherwise, I think that this post is done. In this forum post is proof of RRDM (40s> after death) and a revenge vote ban after I let her off with a vote kick for doing that.
  4. The evidence is clear. Binary fully admitted it was a hit and they are not contesting that. What reason would they have to come back not 40 seconds later and shoot me before I could even retaliate? If Binary has evidence it was not a legitimate hit then please, post it. I have posted evidence not only of the revenge rdm but the false ban. A warn is the only reasonable solution to this, no other evidence can come to light that I'm aware how to obtain. I gathered all of that within the 30ish seconds I had left before I was banned.
  5. Bruh when I see you have 40 sits an hour basically you can't say you haven't pissed a lot of people off. As you clearly said to me in spawn, lots of people place hits on you, maybe if you weren't constantly calling people into sits they wouldn't place hits on you. Look inward, deal with your own issues instead of trying to dismiss them.
  6. If it was just an attempt to kidnap, why did you go straight and kill me? I didn't successfully kidnap anyone. This was at the fountain. The thing about this is, I think you have an issue with me and it's coming out more and more. You wanted to kill me the first time, even though I didn't kidnap anyone, and when you died to the hit you came back and immediately killed me. At least when I killed you I had an RP reason because I am a hitman.
  7. You did not kill me in self defense. I was trying to knock another player out when you killed me, its fair. Talking about how BS it was to other players, and them placing hits on you because it was a bs situation and I would wager a guess that a lot of players dislike you (due to you always calling sits on them) is not rrdm. You revenge rdmd after I killed you via a hit. If you think it was player targeting you should've just vote kicked me or made a post. If I hear one of my friends say "yea so and so killed me" then I'd happily, and by my own volition, place a hit on so and so. It's the way the world goes round. You revenge rdmd me. That is all.
  8. The way you've formatted your evidence is quite poor, you should stitch together the relevant video parts instead of linking specific time codes/clips and I am not watching a full length film of your night. You could have 40 whole videos and if they don't actually have evidence it's the same as having 0 videos. As I said, just throwing my thoughts on this in here and I will comment no further.
  9. From all that I've read so far, and as somebody who has been through a player targeting situation I can plainly say that this does not amount to player targeting. I've been sat down and talked to for placing hits on someone every 5-10 minutes without fail for hours on end. That is player targeting. Raiding someone who had a public build that was lacking a sign just to be a dick, that is player targeting. What he has done is not player targeting. He has placed a few hits on you, or other people have placed hits on you through him. Unless you have evidence of him asking for those hits, you really have no ground to stand on as far as player targeting goes. He killed you as a hitman, move past it. He raided you one or two times, move past it. That's my 2 cents at least.
  10. It's just that in the past, due to the jank ass hitboxes, I've accidentally loaded up the same proc 3 times in a row when I meant to distribute the amount between 3 different processors. You guys are getting processed drugs out of these?? Every time I raid someone it's usually empty asf. 0 processed and like 2 cocaine or something. Plus not being able to move them at your own accord sucks and compounds the issues. Whether it be the ability to claim and move them or eject the materials something should be done.
  11. An "Eject Materials" function would be nice as well, because if you have 2 or more harvest processors near each other it can be often times difficult to put the materials in the processor you're meaning to (due to the wonky hitboxes) and so you're potentially left with a processor that has 450 unprocessed in it that you can't destroy (could be another players, thus couldn't be easily replaced) Also being able to claim and move with another players physgun would be a godsend.
  12. I'm just trying to explain myself. I understand that I won't get the warn completely removed, I'm fine with that and it's deserved. Mistakes happen, sometimes they're punished. I just feel that calling me a liar is going too far. My explanation was poor. Kio said I was trying to imply that ICU was glitched, I never said that. I said that it highlighted the other player. Did it? Kind of, not exactly in the way I described, but the other player walked through that red highlighted bubble. They were caught in what I would consider crossfire, that is why I used that term. Kio was assigning that term to "He got in the way during my attempt to knowingly kill another player I was targetting." I was using the term in a way to say "I was confused that they walked through the ICU mark, and got caught up in my hit." It was my poor description of it. I think saying that I was intentionally lying to get out of it is one thing but I own up to the rdm part. That happened. The lying did not. I do not want it to negatively reflect me in sits in the future. That's my final take on the matter.
  13. I would only count this as crossfire because he got in the way of my hit, as I have stated. I thought he was my target, so I killed him. That is rdm but it was crossfire in the sense that he got caught up in my hit on someone else, even though I thought I was executing the hit properly.
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