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  1. I finished another quest, it also does not work. https://imgur.com/a/DDCu4zU
  2. I thought they were completely joking about me giving the money back, it wasn't a scam in any shape way or form, just bad code that occasionally forces the time to 0? im guessing because I won instantly.
  3. s0vk

    jewann player report

    You are wrong sewer, the motd clearly states "You may not remove a Dupe to bring Entities inside of your base, then replace your Dupe. This is declared FailRP." Not specifically during RP reasons, but always.
  4. Your Steam Name: Fyrex#RamRanch Your in-game name: escalera ooo Your SteamID: STEAM_1:0:419339083 Why were you warned/banned?: NLR LTAP Why should you be unwarned/unbanned?: My wifi disconnects at 1:30 in the morning every day, and I killed myself (unknowingly after they had started the raid, my teammate said "they are about to raid me," so I killed myself thinking that I could get back to the base before they started") and went back to the base, and killed one, then started shooting at another, but mid way through shooting him, it hit 1:30 and I got disconnected from the server and my discord. I didn't know that I had been banned for anything or that I had gotten into any trouble until I tried to log on 30 minutes ago or so. I asked Blue about it and he sent me the logs of when the raiders started the raid and when I killed myself. I think that my ban should be removed and replaced with a warn instead, as I had no control over the LTAP part. Who warned/banned you and for how long?: Blue, 3 days Evidence:
  5. Description: treasure that doesnt register as found (leaderboard wise and spawn treasure chest wise) it clears the zone How to reproduce: when you are right next to finding the treasure, before it turns green, and then left click to search for treasure, walk into the green, it will clear the zone, but you get no reward Priority: low
  6. Description: leaderboard wont refresh (even after reset!!) How to reproduce: press refresh on leaderboard wont work Priority: Medium
  7. just for your information i wasn't outside my base i was a block away im pretty sure theres a big difference between that and being outside your base. i was pissed because your dumbass didnt fucking understand anything that was happening and you took everything i said with a grain of salt whereas your were basically sucking his cock during the entire sit
  8. Your Steam Name: Fyrex(trading) Your in-game name: escalera ooo Your SteamID: 76561198798943894 Why were you warned/banned?: Breaking NLR Why should you be unwarned/unbanned?: While I was out raiding and while me and my friend were getting back to our base, Slyye had been raiding us and because I had a master sword and my friend didn't I arrived first, and Slyye killed me right outside my base. (Where I died. https://imgur.com/a/tAFAP7d) I decided that because right outside of spawn would be in view of my base, I decided that I would go outside the tunnel of spawn and take a look at the raid from the outside while my friend was still running back. (Where I decided to watch from https://imgur.com/a/QxkCQ7B) Slyye coming out of the base decided to go towards spawn with a box eaten and a box in his grav gun and he happened to throw it directly at me for some reason. While I don't think this was intentional, I decided to grab the box he threw at me and throw it off to the side. He proceeded to kill me for the second time, which I thought was a new RP scenario where I was taking someones box full of stuff from, rather than standing right outside of a raid and taking the boxes as he left the base, because I was right outside of spawn, and not close to where the raid happened. My friend was arriving around where I died, and yelled something in voice chat along the lines of what people say in /y when someone kills their party member, and killed Slyye. (Slyye dies here and kills us here again https://imgur.com/a/w542H81)My teammate throws one of the boxes at me and I pick it up and start to walk back to the base, when Slyye breaks NLR and revenge RDM's me right out of spawn. I call an admin sit, but it takes 10 minutes before a mod takes the sit. I'm already pretty angry because it took a while, which I understand I shouldn't have been, because mods and admins can be busy as well. I get into the sit and calmly explain the situation, and the admin seemingly checks where we both died from, and brings Slyye with maybe one word to me. After Slyye was brought Slyye started laughing and saying stuff about how whatever he did was because he killed me at least 3 times in the raid. I get angry and try to explain to him that he killed me once in the raid, and also broke nlr. The mod just says, he did it because you did, you broke nlr. I argue this and call in assistance from a more experienced mod, and LeGerbs (who is a SMOD) comes to the sit. After me explaining the sit in calm words to him, Slyye says, you came directly back to the raid, and because of that he broke NLR. LeGerbs says that I'm going to be warned for NLR, and he isn't because he "admitted" to what he did. I never denied that I broke NLR, nor did I say that I did break it. He said that the MOTD says that if you die in a raid, you can't go back and watch it. Although the MOTD says directly this, "Going back to the outside of your base after you die in a raid to watch the raid. NOT ALLOWED" I argued that I didn't go back outside my base, and that I was over 3 houses away on the boardwalk. He keeps saying, nope, can't stand anywhere near it, and I replied that I wasn't anywhere near it. While the term near can be argued about distance wise, I think that I was far enough from the base that constituted it being outside of the raid zone. He also said that what I did was revenge rdm??? even though I never killed him and I had to say that it was my friend that killed him not me. Slyye then said that because my friend didn't own the front door, or was in my party, that my friend didn't count as my teammate. Not only was my friend part of my party, but the only things about door owning counting as owner of the base is "The owner of the MOST doors in a base is the owner. Not the owner of the front door." Which refers to if someone accidentally left the game and someone decided to claim front door while you have props and other door access on the inside. The admin agreed that those two rules are a thing, and he warned me for it, and I asked whether Slyye was going to get a warn for it. He said no once again, saying that I didn't admit to breaking NLR, and he did. Who warned/banned you and for how long?: LeGerbs McStubbins Evidence: Image 1 https://imgur.com/a/tAFAP7d Image 2 https://imgur.com/a/QxkCQ7B Image 3 https://imgur.com/a/w542H81
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