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  1. I called him hard r once and that was like 5 minutes before he banned me. (I see that was wrong.) Also what I posted in general was a gif of a roblox character hanging, I didn't know that this was considered nsfw?
  2. LilCheezIt


    Hi Raccoons
  3. LilCheezIt


    Hi OG again
  4. I have never even messaged Doc on discord
  5. LilCheezIt


    Hi Marco Polo
  6. LilCheezIt


    Hi Sixnut
  7. +1 Prop flying / pushing isn't epic. It's also hard to build when all the props are collided.
  8. I liek title name -1 Big fat -1 you are naughty naughty boy
  9. IG: LilCheezIt Disc: Nya#6969 Halloween: Scare the shit out of children and steal their candy
  10. I like chocolate dipped toddlers, it's pretty obvious why these are good!
  11. Putting the reason you were banned in the first place would be a great touch to a ban appeal. Knowing why you were banned in the first place would help a great deal in participating in this decision.
  12. Pretty sure it's that sniper. (Magnum Sniper Rifle) I have had many problems with it in the past, not registering shots. I don't know though, I have fought against that models multiple times and all my shots seem to register.
  13. I never really had a problem with you, you weren't necessarily toxic to me but I can't speak for the whole rest of the server. I will give this a +1 because I can see how you have changed, the old OG wouldn't have put this much thought and effort into an appeal. I really hope you have changed for the better and hope you can be a functioning member of the TitsRP community.
  14. I don't completely know what happened but it doesn't seem like he was trying to do anything bad, or trying to "minge" I do understand he was trying to exploit into the skybox which deserves a ban, but I don't think a month ban is deserving for non harmful actions. +1
  15. Whatever you say dingus :FishMoley:
  16. I need money so I can buy all the cute models :) Please donate ~LilCheezIt
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