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  1. As soon as i gave you the warning I realized i should have just put False demote, but at the moment i just didn't seem to care enough because i was getting flooded with sits and tbh i thought oh well don't think that's going to brought up at all, I did mess up with the wording of the warn but the warning I meant to put still violates the rules of the server just like Isaac mentioned. If anything ill edit the warning to the right context but I do not think the warning should go away. Jewworld broke no rules, he's just really persistent when it comes to him playing cp and i could see how it could be annoying, but the only rule broken here was u falsely demoting him so i'm very sorry but i'm going to have to deny this appeal.
  2. And i just find it really ironic how u completely stop (changing jobs, calling revolts etc.) the moment i call u out on it...??? like if u knew u werent doing anything wrong why stop?
  3. Legit never yelled at you so idk what ur talking about there and i only called u a minge nothing else so exclude the name calling... and your assuming that i dislike u which i dont i just have something against the way u handle revolts. You did this very thing i was at fountain fishing and i clearly saw u start a revolt and run into a group of cops near fountain, giving no one a chance to join the revolt + Jordans story which i did not see And i never said u were suiciding to end the revolt u purposly just die within seconds from cops. U switching jobs THAT many times n dying within seconds THAT many times is just way too suspecious, so i ASSUMED that u were doing the same trick all over again. I know your far more experienced when it comes to revolts, but instead u pretend like u dont know what your doing. imo im sure u knew exactly what u were doing having revolts not even lasting 15 seconds each time u !revolted
  4. Sorry my guy the cop made it really seem like u rdmed him, he said he was stuck inside someone and u killed him. had another witness that said the same thing but i didnt realize there was a revolt going on so my bad. Appeal Accepted
  5. Kotos

    Ban Appeal

    You could of thrown the c4 in many other places from what im seeing, but u chose u throw it into a place crowded with players, like I said wether u meant to or not it is still MRDM 😕 but hey this is what ill do, ill reduce your ban to 3 days since I know that your a player that actually plays the server and doesn't cause problems at all. Please acknowledge that anything u do with a c4 (whether its yours or not) your the one responsible of the outcome of that c4, sorry for the inconvenience... Ban reduced to 3 days
  6. Kotos

    Ban Appeal

    https://streamable.com/582o9z Weather u meant to or not u still did MRDM with someone elses c4
  7. Kotos

    Ban Appeal

    U threw someones c4 explosive towards a group of ppl which seemed like u did on purpose, I have it on recording if u wish to see it. I wasn't the one who recorded it, someone else recorded it and reported the incident. Edit: requesting the video rn just incase
  8. Description: Penguin model is very broken, even its hitbox How to reproduce: idkkk https://streamable.com/6udwd0 Priority: highish?
  9. I agree to but i would make it harder to make potions, for example needing chems or some type of resource to where its not so easy making potions... +1
  10. Kotos


    You had all the right to kill the cops that were raiding you but the ones that were just looking at your base area is kinda unjustified as they didn't interfere with you, but at the same time i can understand WHY you killed them as they were pointing guns at you. I really hope if I were to unban you, you wouldn't minge and actually rp and have a good time and not ruin other player's experiences. This really just seems like an accident that just fucked up to began with so ima go ahead and unban you for you not knowing what really to do in that situation. Have a good one and happy rping. Appeal Accepted.
  11. To be honest I really don't remember what happened but I wouldn't just ban someone for MRDM unless i looked at the logs first, but im guessing this a ban that a respected member made last night when multiple accounts got updated and banned. But i do see that you are truly sorry for your actions.... and since this was never proven/taken into a sit i will reduce the ban to 24 hours instead of 7 days. Banned reduced to 24 Hours.
  12. I saw in logs that you killed the vwualt Dweller (was mayor), he said that you killed him during the false PD raid and you leaving didn't make the situation look good. but since there was really bad lag at that time I will unban you since it only seems fair because you were not there for the sit. Unbanned.
  13. Kotos

    Ban Appeal

    unban this player right fucking now i have no intentions of coming back on the server unlegitly anymore anyways, im simply just going to wait a long fn time in hopes of getting unbanned. no point of me just to keep spending money and getting banned. AND GRAPE GAVE HIM 100K for info, like wtf?? thats pretty much going agaisnt what grape has been saying the whole time jfcccc and dont expect him not to ask for more after you just giving him some shit 100k
  14. REWORKING THE K9 DOG JOB: Have the speed of the k9 be increased, let the dog bite do less damage, have the dog bite slow down the target. (like non-lethal but without turning slowly)
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