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  1. How is it keeping it from staff when sugar already knew about the "exploit" sugar said he was gonna fix it, and already did
  2. Fuel like we said even if theres more the 1 king theres a max ent/mat limit, we can only spawn 3 mats total
  3. so, you're ex staff, meaning if you read the rules like you were suppose to, you should already know that kos laws outside of pd are fail laws, and in the video provided fuel was in your call, and you could have asked him if it was fail or not and fuel even agreed that the law was a fail law. The reason i warned you for rdm, is because you should have known that kos laws outside of pd are fail from reading the rules when you applied for staff. This is a -1 for me.
  4. Sum Bear

    Banned forever

    this you? https://gyazo.com/b0c68bbbb951196d1bcc887075f7b320 so now youre lying my man, not a good look an an appeal Im gonna make a quick edit here, what you're trying to do it convince us you're no older than 15, with the "i will join a discord call with anyone who wants to speak to me about this" and the "if you heard me speak you would say i am no older than 15" you cant pull a quick one on us
  5. Sum Bear

    Banned forever

    So you thought that it was okay to make a **** joke, im just wonder in what world do you think thats okay? Any game or server would NOT allow pedophilia even if it was a "joke". Using "being drunk" as an excuse is not a very good one, because it is still your fault, you were the one to decide that you wanted to play gmod drunk, and you are still accountable for your actions drunk or not. it is also against the tos of gmod to even make jokes like these. this is gonna be a -1 for me (if you dont believe it is against the tos) https://gyazo.com/e1cb4e4d3ef2c3225ff05c2cce7ee753 https://gyazo.com/710ef410d088344848be793cfddc18a5
  6. Alright i got some complaining to do. Prior to the update the golden list perk allowed you to change targets without any real cool down for example if your target is afk in spawn you could just reroll instantly. Due to the new update if your target is afk in spawn you have to wait out the 3 minute timer just to reroll again, pretty much making the golden list perk useless. If the target is dead and afk you must wait out the 3 minutes, if you die to your target you must wait 3 minutes. Now lets say your target is in a op base and you don't feel like raiding, you can't reroll until you wait 3 minutes. Even if you suicide bind you still have to wait those 3 minutes or how ever much time there is on the 3 minute timer. This makes the golden list perk kinda useless, sure you can pick your target but like i said earlier if your target is afk in spawn you can't do anything but wait out the timer which is boring and it makes bounty hunting boring. My suggestion here is revert bounty hunting the way it use to be, because now its boring and no fun.
  7. like the title of the video says skip towards the end to hear him scream it
  8. the video isn't the greatest quality but you can tell ace screamed the hard r
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