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  1. nah its still in the public market thats what the link is for to see if rubik is able to restore it i already tried !ms my skin doesnt appear
  2. lmao thank you very much for your time thank you for helping me restore my CC but there is one more problem the player model isn't the one I paid for. the skin i have right now is a weed stoner dude. the player model I own is https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=471561812&searchtext=erron+black
  3. i have been inactive for a while but im im still on the same account or else it wouldnt have appeared on my jobs list. anyways i would love to have owner ship back at least. i spent 80$ dollars on that class and if someone did claim it as their own i would love to have them removed and just me have it alone if possible. the owner of the server made for me himself.
  4. It doesnt work it say i dont own any CC i see the CC it just says "this job is for mr lolz only" i need access to it or something
  5. Your Steam Name: MLG MR.LOLZ Your ingame name: MLG mrlolz Your Steam Profile/ SteamID:http://steamcommunity.com/id/renzopromaster1 Why were you banned?: I reached 50 warns and got perma banned Why should you be unbanned?: i reached 50 warns on the server and got perma banned. i was young and too stupid and i did what ever i wanted i was foolish. i did not listen to the staff when they told me to stop and thats my fault. im sorry for the things i did and if i get unbanned i promise not to do stupid things like this again. i will follow the server rules and respect every one and respect the rules. this server is my favorite server and i dont want to mess up again. please forgive for my actions. i got banned last july i think 2016. i regret my stupidity on the ever since. im sorry if this appeal is the not the most perfect. if i need to write more please let me know ill do it. i just want to join the server make new friends and enjoy the new things on the server. once again sorry for the shit ive done i know thats my fault and i was stupid for it. Who banned you? Evidence: Post videos, screenshots, anything that can help. i got banned by an admin forgot his name though
  6. Your Steam Name: MLG mrlolz Your ingame name: mlg mrlolz Your Steam Profile/SteamID:http://steamcommunity.com/id/renzopromaster1/ Why were you banned?: I reached fifty warns and go banned Why should you be unbanned?: my last unban appeal was bad and not good enough and i didnt really wrote alot. just let me start by saying sorry for the stupid things ive done. i was foolish and too immature. The new mods or new admins might not know me but the old ones do i was banned like a 8 to 9 months ago. ever since i got banned i never used my computer since then. i want to get back on the pc life. i want to be unbanned cause i want to show i changed. i want to koin the server and have fun and help out others. i love this server for me its number 1 in darkrp. i want to show u guys ive improved and i want to show my love towards the server all i ask is for the new admins and mod to give me one last chance to make up to you and to the old admins and mods hopefully u to give me one more chance. i understand if u dont forgive me i know i was stupid and dumb. hopefully u forgive me and if i do get unbanned i will how u and make it up to you and show i changed. im not the best when it comes to writing stuff like this so sorry if its not good enough. if i have to do anything please let me know i really want to play this server again i wasted 80 dollars and i dont want to put those dollars waste. sorry if its not the best unban appeal but i put my heart and soul into it and please new admins and mods dont judge me yet u never met me and u cant judge a person by his cover so please i i ask is for a chance. Evidence: i was banned like 8 to 9 months ago by a admin
  7. Your Steam Name: mlg mrlolz Your ingame name: MLG MR.lolz Your Steam Profile/SteamID:http://steamcommunity.com/id/renzopromaster1/ Why were you banned?: i reached 50 warns and got permaban Why should you be unbanned?: i posted a thread before for a unban appeal and was hopeing someone read or maybe missed so im posting another thread. i want to get back on the server i really miss it and the people in it im sorry for the stuff i did in the past. i just want to show i improved and that im no longer that immature little kid you knew and that changed. i learned my lesson and i will follow server rules from now on i ask for forgiveness once again im sorry for the shit ive done on this server i know its not the right thing and i hope to once play again on the beautiful server of titsRP Evidence: i forgot the name of an the admin but i reached 50 warns
  8. Your Steam Name: MLG MR.lolz Your ingame name: MLG mrlolz Your Steam Profile/SteamID: http://steamcommunity.com/id/renzopromaster1/home Why were you banned?: i reached the 50 warn limit and got perma banned Why should you be unbanned?: i waited 7 months and i just really want to get back on the server it is my favoorite server and i was foolish and too stupid and did what i wanted im sorry for the things i did in the past and if i get unbanned ill be a new person. hopefully the admins that knew me would forgive for the things ive done and ill follow server rules. i will show that ive changed and i want to play with my friends and meet the new admin and mods make friends and help out people who need it. Evidence: it was like 7-6 months ago i reached 50 warns and it was a admin that banned me
  9. 1.Name : Mlg mrlolz 2. Steamid : http://steamcommunity.com/id/renzopromaster1/home 3. a 1200 word essay on how you were a bad boy/why you should be unbanned. i just want to say that i messed up i apologize for the trouble i caused. i got perma banned cause i reached the 51 warn in the server. some of the reasons of how i was a bad person is i RDM, NLR, FDA, disrespect and so on. i apologize for my bad doings on the server. i want to be unbanned cause TitsRP is my favorite server and i want to show that i changed and that i will play the server the right way and not cause trouble. my actions are some dumb reasons i never get to be a mod. i apologize to staff on server for being trouble. i hope you guys understand me and hopefully staff members could forgive me for my bad doings. i want to go back on the server and play with my friends and play in my favorite server in G mod. im sorry for the trouble i caused to other players and for braking the server rules. yeah sometimes i do the right stuff and thats the path im going to stay on. it was my own fault i got banned cause i was very dumb and was not aware of the consequences. i wont do these mistakes that i did in the past hopefully a staff reads this ban appeal and forgives me for my doings. i deeply regret the stuff i have done on the server and i apologize for those bad doings. getting perma banned is not cool and it has told me i need to change and to make a difference on the server. i have earned a bad reputation in the server i dont want. i want to have a good reputation with staff and players in sted of being known as a bad person or troll and so on. this is my ban appeal thread hopefully you could understand me and forgive me for my bad doings. 4.200 word essay on orangutan. an orangutan is an ape. this ape has a head that expands as it reaches adult hood. the orangutan spend most of its time solo or by its self. these apes are located in the island of borneo. there are two types of these apes the borneo island apes and the sumatran orangutan.(FUN FACT) orang means people and utan means forest. these apes can live up to 45 or more years in their lifetime. their location is asia. the bond between the mother and the son is very strong. the female/ mom orangutan has such a strong bond with their young/offspring that they carry them for 5 or more years. these apes a asia only great ape. the adult male orangutan develop check pads when their adult that makes their head look bigger. these are some facts/ research i have done on asia great ape the orangutan.
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