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  1. Thanks for your responds I appreciate it. I fully understand but this kid came into our base without any warrants just walked in and killed us. Should it be aleast a warn because its my first offense just curious. I thank you fully for taking your time out of your day to respond to this
  2. Your Steam Name: *ALIVE* Your ingame name: ALIVE 0qp0 Your Steam Profile/SteamID: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198084674310/ Why were you banned?: I was banned for mass NLR x3 Why should you be unbanned?: I feel I should be unbanned because it was unintentional NLRs, How it all started me and my friend Cuz where kidnapping people and we kidnapped a cop, about 5 minutes later a cop comes to our door my friend opens the door and the cop runs in without any warrants or anything. Me and my friend asked him to leave he kills us, goes into the back room and finds the cop, in the back room there is a lever that you can open and close with a press of a button, (btw the cop is afk on a box) so I'm thinking well he should be gone, I run back to my base to check if he is there, he is so I start heading back out because I know he will call NLR, half way out he shoots me. I go to the front of my base and wait for my friend we both go in and he's still there (Its been about 2 minutes) I start saying "bro it doesn't take this long to click a button to let the man out". I say "can you please stop camping our base we want to rp please" he's just sitting there in the back of our base for about 3 minutes finally he kills me 1 more time and I flipped. I got my friends after he killed me and we went in after about another minute and he kills all of us about 3 times. I call an mod I tell him the whole story he bans the kid for mass RDM and he tells me that I will get banned for 5 days for mass nlr. I said no way I was trying to see if he was gone the first time then then the second time I asked him to stop camping, he didn't listen to me and I'm kind of disappointed because ive never had a problem with mods like this. All I wanted to do was get into my base so I can rp again. He was coming back for a while. Evidence: sit footage of witness http://plays.tv/video/59df0ea86684fe17f6/horrible-sit trying to find footage of the event happening
  3. dont even try to hide it i saw everything that happend you were talking with someone outside i was watching you then you proceed to delete basically all my front gate wit the remover tool and then you start deleting chances inside base and destroying everything. Im looking for the video if it recored and your going to look so dumb if i find it just watch.
  4. Your Steam Name: *ALIVE* Your ingame name:*ALIVE* Your Steam Profile/SteamID: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198084674310/ Who are you reporting? (Milk Fortress): Milk Fortress Reasons why you are reporting: I am reporting Milk Fortress because he abused his powers heavily, He removed Chance and I's base with remover tool wall entrance and all and then proceeded to destroy our printers, bitminers, and processers with his gun, and then he tried to fly away and the explosion killed him, and he proceeds to leave the server right after. Le Chance was afk at the time eating dinner Evidence: Le Chance killed Milk Fortress using sugarprint_new. Other staff may have screenshots of logs of him using the remover tool. THe time was about 9:00 EST. Staff that helped and may have screenshots : Leeroy
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