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  1. Torta

    Ban Appeal

    What frustrates me the most is that he managed to rdm me multiple times, get away with it, and then get me banned for killing him in a raid. NONE of my sits were taken, and WOW, look, his was taken 30 minutes after happening while I was offline. Ouch.
  2. Torta

    Ban Appeal

    Fuel, I hope you can manage to be open and understanding in handling this. The sad thing is, I like Merc and was actually talking to him while this was happening. He was sitting in his base in suburbs farming printers with Minky and Mizzu. So yeah, its a TERRIBLE look for him. He was on and did NOTHING. Do I want him punished? No not really. I want something like this to be fixed and not happen again. When things like this happen to players, it is a complete turn off. Me and my group were targeted for 2 hours from Captainblack and Bupis. I'd have to say we kept our cool pretty well despite what Captain and Bupis were saying and rdming us.
  3. Torta

    Ban Appeal

    If I had shadowplay on, it wouldn't be good for Merhaculous, Captain, or Bupis. Like I said, Boncha was targeted also. Logs could show it too. Multiple sits were left unattended from their rdm. Captain cries RDM, calls a sit, 30 mins later, while Im off, it is taken and Im ban. Pretty fucked.
  4. Torta

    Ban Appeal

    Numerous sits were called. Merc and ty were both on. Others were also. The chat was full of spam and hate. Nothing was done or sad. It a terrible look for anyone online with power to help. Sorry.
  5. Torta

    Ban Appeal

    Thank you.
  6. Torta

    Ban Appeal

    They were doing the same thing to Boncha. The whole server saw Captain and his friends spam. Not a single mod did anything to step in and help.
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