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  1. If you flip it upside down you can see that the processor will float, showing how high the hitbox actually extends.
  2. Setting up ents is usually a pretty easy process, they're all geometric and their hitboxes are exactly as they look, however the harvest processor remains difficult and unwieldy. The hitbox extends way above where the model shows and makes it difficult to maneuver with a grav gun in a smaller room. Decreasing the hitbox for the harvest processor could make it easier to move around, however I believe that along with decreasing the hitbox height, we should also be able to claim the harvest processor like we can with a plot or processor.
  3. Super simple - just a one minute timer on your hud that counts down to when you throw up the box.
  4. I have google fiber and it rarely goes down(in my area), I'm also usually in VC with friends on discord and have no issues. I've also done speedtests while the server is frozen for me and ping/download/upload is all normal.
  5. It would save a lot of time if there were an option to fully upgrade a printer with one button rather than pressing 20 different times. If there are any concerns about new players accidentally pressing it and spending too much you could have a confirmation screen or something similar, however I feel this would be something fairly simple to implement and would be a good QOL improvement.
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