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  1. frisk

    Ban Appeal

    wow fourteen whole seconds huh? im sure someone like you would think that’s a lot
  2. frisk

    Ban Appeal

    i didn’t continue after you said stop, i said i was gonna hack you almost exactly when you said stop and i was pulled into a sit.
  3. frisk

    Ban Appeal

    already replied to this
  4. frisk

    Ban Appeal

    “let’s stop being a goof friskk” if you would’ve actually pulled me into a sit or said it seriously i would’ve understood and stopped.
  5. frisk

    Ban Appeal

    yeah i get it, it was stupid but even a 6 month ban is a lot, i would’ve stopped if i was pulled into a sit and told to stop but instead i was immediately perma’d.
  6. frisk

    Ban Appeal

    1. “ddosing the server rn” it took how long for me to get banned? in that time the server did not lag at all and there was no attempted ddos. 2. anybody with a brain can see that’s not a valid ip. 3. it literally says the server location in the loading screen. 4. do i even have to say anything 5. like 1, nothing happened at all from the time it was said to the time i was banned. Look guys, i get it, it was a shitty joke. Goat made the same joke and got off like you said by solely using me as an excuse. i’m not gonna joke about it or say it anymore and i would’ve understood with a serious warning, a sit being called and an admin telling me the severity of it would’ve been more than enough and i would’ve stopped immediately.
  7. frisk

    Ban Appeal

    like i said, pretty obviously joking back and forth.
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