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  1. I was pulled into a sit and after saying hello about five seconds later my game crashed, thus I was not able to give my side of the story. I also know the person who reported me and he was incredibly spiteful and looking to get me banned as long as possible. He was killing me in my base with meth fumes and so I entered his base to kill him and stop it. I eventually did and he came back to where I killed him and killed me, also breaking NLR. This started the cycle of us continuously killing each other and him using some profound language such as the N word and other derogatory terms. I get I am still in the wrong in some way for continuing to kill him, but I don't believe that he should get off scot free, considering what he did was arguably worse. I have Keagyn#9048 (Discord) as proof of him using derogatory terms and I will provide his steam name as soon as I get it.
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