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  1. Yeah, that was the big thing that contradicted for me, I thought since it was the hobo lord it fell under that hobo rule with building in the streets. I understand it better now.
  2. I looked in there and the hobo cannot build in streets stuck out to me and still does but if that's the rules so be it. Interacting with you was fine but I will say again @toosiiwas super fucking toxic and is a very unwelcoming person. I didn't know if he was with you or not. I hope he never gets the chance to be an admin, super petty. I appreciate your clarification.
  3. Like I'm not trying to be an asshole or anything, there are just a lot of rules to read. I went back several times to the rules and read them over before even coming here. I only came here because I asked Blue and he never responded to it. I felt that these rules contradict. It didn't help also that @toosii was completely shitting on me the entire time for having a dispute with it in the game chat. Dude was mad annoying and I hope he never holds a position of power here. I may want to play the role and am glad to clarify the rules here. Love that he also is coming in here putting crybaby reactions on my stuff. Blue didn't do anything assholish or anything, I just didn't think I got the clarification I needed. Also, am I getting punished for posting in here with the -rep?
  4. YEAH OKAY I see that. I was asking if the hobo rules complicate this in anyway as it says building on streets is not allowed for hobos. I assumed Hobo lord would fall under this.
  5. I did look at the rules, lotta rules to look at and I can't engrain them all into my head. Yall really gotta be cunts because I came here for a genuine dispute? Like what the fuck is that?
  6. Adding on to that I forgot to ask, does Hobo lord not fall under hobo rules?
  7. Okay, so if you own all the buildings in the area you can just wall up the entire place? Lol. Even if it takes up a main thoroughfare in the map? So pretty much just gotta walk all the way around? lol. Sounds like a bullshit rule/job. So is this the only job that can do this or am I covered by this rule for myself on other jobs? I'd like to own all the buildings in an area and then proceed to block off the street completely and make it an inconvenience for people to walk around because it sounds super fun. Claiming a decently sized area that takes up the roads that people use and then putting up walls that allow people through and being able to KOS sounds like super fun to me. lol.
  8. Here is a link to the photos for evidence. https://imgur.com/a/WCdZFDb Thanks!
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