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  1. I think It's rather sad your incapable of growing as a person against your own advice rather. Let's imagine worst case scenario this gets denied, at most i do the good ol'l clear cookies and I can still browse this site perfectly fine, I don't get why your so vehemently against a forum account reactivation when you also know I never used it for anything other than 1 appeal after about 6+ months. You also failed to respond about the community removals that got removed despite saying they are "not removable", None of those people got their forums banned as well. Someone replies that "It was because they were liked" yet some simple browsing reveals that even Fuel's forum was not banned.
  2. Yea that's not how forum infractions work, I'm not going to mention how this is the only instance of a forum ban as a result of a community removal too. Seems to me you just wanted to exercise your last bit of power on a guy that never seems to leave your head, despite the fact that his account wasn't active for months. Really? Some simple browsing shows:
  3. Then why didn't you issue the removal at the time of the original ban? Checking back you issued it at the time of my latest appeal and tried to ban my account so I couldn't appeal, Regardless of what you feel like is appealable or not your hostility is extremely noticeable in the ban message and your reply, Grow up, you requested that yourself. Although i digress in this sentence, I doubt that it isn't appealable as some "community removals" have been reversed and even some really egregious things like publically shown porn and doxxing have been forgiven, All I'm asking is my original account to be activated, not even that my ingame account be given the same treatment. You complain about alting but either forgot what alting is or forgot that you can't challenge or appeal on a forum banned account, Had their been a way to challenge on the main account I would've used that, but alas their isn't. and I'm only using this account as a means to appeal, and I clearly am not using this to hide my original user, I know it would be pretty easy to check and I'm not particularly in need of any reason to do otherwise, you don't need an account to browse this forum anyway.
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