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  1. without visual evidence there is no way it can be concluded that those were my plots. i never had plots to begin with and again my video shows the only entity i had in my base was the processor and nothing more. if i had three plots and i did have destroyed them i would not have enough time to destroy before shown in dylns perspective. sound alone isnt enough to prove i destroyed something i did not have in my base
  2. where did i reload my gun? my reserve would have had an odd number since my mag count was 31. why would i have a perfect amount in my reserve especially after buying ammo?
  3. how can you hear something that isnt in my base? gmod sounds are always fucky and never correct. great example your step effects are completely different from mine. what you heard is my picking up my processed drugs. and i did not know an AK sounds like a revolver.
  4. its not clear at all. ive based with other and by myself before. i have never destroyed shit mid raid for RP purposes. sounds are not enough to claim me destroying something i did not have in my base. i dont know what noise yall are talking about only noise i hear from my side is my harvestor processor that i pick up on my video.
  5. so dyln is going to get away with not only a false claim of me shooting non-existing plots, but also get no punishment for a false ban. there is no cut, there is no plots, and there is no destroying of initiates.my harvester was the only thing i had and nothing else. dylns video especially that audio can be from any other base. it is unbelievable to think dyln is in the right here. i had no plots in that base
  6. what plots dude???? there were no plots. the shots you hear are impacted and you do not hear firing my AK does not have a silencer
  7. ok timestamp it. you hear the shots when i start recording.
  8. dyln your video only has audio shots. does not show any plots being destroyed. once again my vidoe only shows my harvester
  9. because it was clearly a false ban. you can see my harvest you claim to "hear" me shoot at "plots"
  10. dude dyln i have nothing to gain to BS with you about this. the collecting you heard was from my harvester and NOT destroyed in my base. if you also check where the sound is coming from is not from me. i did not have a silencer on my AK. its ridicules the collecting sound you hear is not from me. my video even shows you confused it for my harvestor. again if i did shoot my gun at plots i would have odd numbered resevere ammo even if im buying ammo. you are clearly delusional
  11. in your video you can clearly see wooden barriers which have the exact same wooden shooting you claim i did. no plot were down and the collecting you heard was clearly my harvester. no plots
  12. wodden barrier clear as day at time stamp 1.47 so tell me how does that look like a plot to you? multiple barriers were posted between me and dylns crew
  13. that is me pulling my gun out of inventory. if i did reload my reserve ammo would be odd numbered not even
  14. in my video you see me pick up my harvest not plots he claims i shoot my own shit which is clearly in plain view.
  15. explain to me how collecting from a plot and a harvest sound the same? did noone see the barriers places right before dyln died? wooden shots also come from that too you know
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